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Gauss Miniguns are weapons that appear in Fallout Tactics and Fallout 76.


MEC Gauss minigun

Main article: MEC Gauss minigun
Tactics mec gauss minigun.png

The MEC Gauss MiniGun can eliminate large groups of enemies in a fairly wide range and with great efficiency, about triple that of the Browning M2, though at shorter ranges. Ammunition is somewhat limited, as it uses the rare 2mm EC.

Gauss minigun

F76WL Gauss minigun.png

The Gauss minigun is a powerful, automatic ballistic weapon that rapidly fires 2mm electromagnetic cartridges that explode on impact. Compared to the .50 Cal Machine Gun, the Gauss minigun has increased damage, accuracy, and nearly twice the magazine size. It can be further upgraded to deal energy damage, increase ammo capacity, and greatly increase fire rate. When crafted, Gauss miniguns use Legendary Modules, becoming legendary weapons with randomly determined effects.