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Gasoline, petroleum, or oil is a fuel source mentioned across the Fallout Series.





  1. Sierra Depot GNN transcript
  2. NAVARRO.MSG: "{100}{}{You have found an old gas station.}"
  3. The Chosen One: "How do I pilot it?"
    A. Ron Meyers: "How do you pilot this rig? Fill 'er up with some gas - try the Hubologists or the Shi after you've taken care of everything else - and press the button. The computer will take care of the rest, if it's still working. It'll sail right out to the oil rig, and they won't fire at you because you've got the IFF transponder. Just make sure you've got what you need to access everything: FOB, working computer, and fuel. Easy enough, huh?"
  4. A. Ron Meyers: "Well, I see you already gassed her up. When you've taken care of everything else, just press the button. The computer will take care of the rest, if it's still working."
  5. Arcade Gannon: "Nuclear waste disposal. Pre-War, people figured there was so much desert in Nevada, you might as well turn it into a big dumping ground. People didn't like it, but they weren't about to give up easy access to power, not with all of the petroleum drying up."
    (Arcade Gannon's dialogue)
  6. Disaster relief outpost terminal entries; Get Registered!
  7. Red Rocket protectron: "Would you like gasoline, diesel, or coolant?"
    (Red Rocket Protectron/Dialogue)
  8. The Courier: "What's 'Petro-Chico?'"
    Raul Tejada: "You never heard of Petro-Chico, un Amigo de Poseidon Energy? Ah, of course not. They were an oil company in Mexico, back before the War."
    (Raul Tejada's dialogue)
  9. The Courier: "What happened to the Enclave oil rig and Navarro?"
    Judah Kreger: "Internal sabotage took down the oil rig - never did get the full story. The NCR took out Navarro, saying we posed a threat to the region."
    (Judah Kreger's dialogue)
  10. Beaver Creek Lanes terminal entries; terminal, No luck with the ball return