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Gabrielle Sanalitro

Gabrielle Sanalitro is an actress who voiced Bethany, Carol Peabody, Deirdre, Holly, and other female Ghouls in Fallout 4.


Fallout series

2015Fallout 4Ghouls (female)
Bethany (uncredited)
Carol Peabody (uncredited)
Deirdre (uncredited)
Holly (uncredited)
Drifters (female, uncredited)

Other work

2003-04Strong MedicinePatti
2006Criminal MindsMartha
2009The Tonight Show with Conan O'BrienDMV Lady / Lunch Lady
2010DexterOverweight Nanny
2015Where the Bears AreSandy Quinn
2017Bob's BurgersIsabella
2017-18The Rich & the RuthlessTamara
2019Will & GraceLoretta