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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for ghoul Gecko citizen in the town of Gecko.


{100}{}{You see someone whose skin has been very badly burnt.}
{101}{}{You see a ghoul citizen of Gecko.}
{102}{}{You see someone whose skin seems to have been burned with radiation. That much radiation looks
as though it should have killed 'em, but it seems well enough.}
{110}{}{Hello. Do you need some supplies?}
{111}{}{If you want supplies, you'll need a requisition form.}
{112}{}{If you need something here, you better talk to Jeremy.}
{113}{}{Jeremy takes care of all the supply requests.}
{114}{}{You better talk to Jeremy. He hates it when people get stuff behind his back.}
{115}{}{I can't help you unless you talk to Jeremy first.}
{116}{}{Talk to Jeremy. You know the rules.}
{120}{}{I think some of these old gauges are broken.}
{121}{}{I just hit the console to get it working again.}
{122}{}{I don't think this machine ever worked right.}
{123}{}{I'm proud to be on reactor duty.}
{124}{}{It feels best in here when the gauges are all in the red.}
{125}{}{I hope we get another uranium shipment from Broken Hills soon.}
{126}{}{We're starting to run low on uranium.}
{127}{}{I'm harnessing the power of the atom. What're you doing?}
{128}{}{Getting nice and toasty in here now.}
{129}{}{After a while, you don't need to look at the gauges.}
{130}{}{I'm so bored -' none of these gauges work, anyhow.}
{131}{}{Leak? What leak?}
{140}{}{This is the best place to live in all of Gecko.}
{141}{}{Nothing warms these old bones better than a hefty dose of roentgens.}
{142}{}{Mmm, it's so warm and toasty in here all the time. I love it.}
{143}{}{Surprised to see you here, smoothskin.}
{144}{}{Most smoothskins are afraid of a little bit of radiation.}
{145}{}{A day without leakage is like a day without sunshine.}
{146}{}{Sure glad I got these choice digs.}
{147}{}{Be it ever so humble...}
{148}{}{Without this reactor, everyone here would die.}
{149}{}{Sure hope those Vault City-types don't kill all of us.}
{150}{}{Thank you, thank you, thank you.}
{151}{}{Thanks for repairing our reactor.}
{152}{}{Our home's safe now, thanks to you.}
{153}{}{Our reactor's purring like a kitten now. Thanks.}
{154}{}{The reactor is running much better now.}
{160}{}{I can't believe that Vault City helped us.}
{161}{}{Thanks for getting our reactor running so well.}
{162}{}{I'm glad the reactor's working better.}
{163}{}{It's cooler in here lately.}
{164}{}{Does it feel colder in here?}
{170}{}{What the heck are you sneaking around here for?}
{171}{}{Uh, I can still see you, you know.}
{172}{}{Do you always walk that strangely?}
{173}{}{I thought I heard an elephant trampling around here somewhere. Oh, it's you.}
{174}{}{We're watching you, smoothskin.}
{175}{}{You better not be up to something.}
{176}{}{If something goes wrong, your sneaking ass is the one that's going to be blamed.}
{177}{}{Guards! There's some smoothskin here trying to be sneaky.}
{178}{}{You must be up to no good.}