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Fred Melamed is an actor who voiced Senator Joel Chambers and Red in the Fallout 76 update Nuclear Winter.


Fred was born in New York City, New York, and studied at Hampshire College and Yale University. He is best known for his appearances in A Serious Man, Lady Dynamite, In a World... and several Woody Allen films.


Fallout series

2019Nuclear WinterJoel Chambers

Other works

1981-82One Life to LiveAlberto Cervantes
1986Hannah and Her SistersDr. Grey
1987IshtarThe Caid of Assari
1991-93Silk StalkingsAnnouncer
1998-2003The NFL TodayAnnouncer
2000-01Courage the Cowardly DogSpirit of the Harvest Moon / The Magic Tree of Nowhere
2002Hollywood EndingPappas
2004Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasCris Formage
2009A Serious ManSy Ableman
2012The DictatorHead Nuclear Scientist
2013In a World...Sam
2013Grand Theft Auto VCris Formage
2014Get on UpSyd Nathan
2014Some Kind of BeautifulVictor Piggott
2015Bone TomahawkClarence
2015-18CasualCharles Cole
2016-17Lady DynamiteBruce Ben-Bacharach
2016Hail, Caesar!Communist Writer
2017-18Adventure TimeGumbald
2019Lying and StealingDimitri Maropakis