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The Flatwoods Tavern is an unmarked location in the Appalachian town of Flatwoods.[1]


A restaurant and bar, serving food and beverages before and after the Great War.[2][3]


Across from the church, a volunteers needed sign marks the entrance along with a tavern sign above the doorway. Heather Ellis and her dog Chloe wander in and out of the building, Heather sometimes sitting at the bar.

The tavern has two floors, with a large cooking area established in the adjacent parking lot. Automated training kiosks are set against the northeastern wall on the first floor, where Vault Dwellers can sign up to be Responder volunteers.



The Flatwoods Tavern appears in Fallout 76.



  1. Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide p. 290: "14. FLATWOODS
    "Check the Flatwoods Tavern ("Volunteers Needed") for two Self-Serve Registration Kiosks (to begin your work as a volunteer), as well as a holotape, a Kitchen Terminal (0), and an Automated Pantry you can donate to. Upstairs is another holotape."
    (Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide/Atlas of Appalachia)
  2. Flatwoods Tavern purchase order history
  3. Fallout 76 loading screens: "A small town near the Vault 76 construction site, Flatwoods was home to a local motel, tavern, and church. Vault-Tec projections for the survivability of the residents of this area were not optimistic."