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That is K-9, my dog. I decided to see if I could cyber enhance his intelligence. It worked but he developed a bad case of morals. He decided he didn't like my work or me much, and he bit me.

Fix K-9 is a quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Fix K-9
Speak to Cookie, Dr. Schreber or K-9.
Kill Schreber.
Reward: 1000 XP
Report to K-9.
Speak with Quincy and Raul.
Tell Raul Quincy sent you.
Tell Raul the doctor wants the K-9 motivator.
Install the K-9 motivator.
Reward: 3500 XP, K-9 as a companion

Detailed walkthrough

Raul, the vertibird mechanic, has the motivator that K-9 needs to get back to operative mode. Dr. Schreber removed K-9's ability to move when, during the experiments, K-9 disapproved of the doctor's sadistic methods and bit him. This information can be obtained from Cookie (the base cook), the doctor, or K-9 itself. One of the lockers in the vertibird hangar contains the required motor.

If the Chosen One tells Raul (the mechanic guarding the repair parts in the vertibird hangar) that Quincy in the northeast hangar sent him for the plans, there will be a dialogue option for the Chosen One to tell Raul that Quincy wants to see him, whereupon he walks off to beat him up, leaving the Chosen One free to retrieve the K-9 motivator.

A second dialogue option is available where the Chosen One can tell Raul that Dr. Schreber wants K-9 functional again and has sent the Chosen One to retrieve it. Raul will tell them that it is in the nearby locker, where it can be taken freely.

Navarro Sub-floor 1

After retrieving the K-9 motivator, the Chosen One can then return to Shreber's lab to repair K-9. Schreber must be killed before the part can be installed, but since the room is soundproof this can be done using nearly any weapon, so long as it can kill the doctor before he can flee the room. Once Schreber is dead, the Chosen One can talk to K-9, who will note that the "life functions of my master have terminated" and ask if the Chosen One is his new master. The motivator can be installed once the Chosen One responds affirmatively.


  • Kill Dr. Schreber: 1000 XP
  • Repair K-9: 3500 XP


  • If the Chosen One does not take out Schreber quick enough it is possible that he will flee the soundproof confines of the lab, making it difficult to kill him without alerting nearby Enclave guards. In this case, if the Chosen One stays away from Schreber from a short time he will stop fleeing, though he will not return to the lab unless chased there.
  • Installing the motivator in K-9 is a random-chance check based on the Chosen One's Repair skill. For characters with a lower level of the Repair skill, it may take several attempts before the K-9 motivator is installed successfully.