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Find out who cut the whore

I don't doubt that the bastard that cut that gal deserved what you gave him, but you sure didn't make any friends with the miners by killing him. They do so enjoy seeing a good trial afore a nice hangin'. Still, you got the job done.— Sheriff Earl Marion to the Chosen One if he/she kills Obidiah

Find out who cut the whore is a quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Find out who cut the whore
Finish Break up the bar brawl quest.
Go to the Malamute Saloon and speak to Louise.
Speak with the Morningstar miners about the incident.
Arrest Obidiah Hakeswill.
Report to Earl Marion.
Reward: 1250 XP, 500 NCR dollars
Next quest: Kill Frog Morton

Detailed walkthrough

This is the third task you get from Earl Marion. You start by going to the Malamute Saloon to question Lou the bartender, and she shows you a Morningstar Mine Scrip. When you go to the Morningstar Mine and ask around, Obidiah Hakeswill will confess right away. From there you can either kill him and get $500 from Marion, minus quest XP, while letting him go gives no XP or money from the sheriff. The best option is to take him into custody peacefully, which gets you 1250 XP and $500.

It's impossible to start dialogue with the bartender if Lenny, Marcus, Goris, K-9 or Skynet accompany you.