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Feargus Urquhart[Ext 1] is the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian Entertainment.


In 1991, Urquhart joined Interplay Entertainment for a summer job as a play tester for the company's quality assurance.[Ext 2] This allowed him to both play games and to pursue his interest in making them. He eventually got hired on a full-time contract as Assistant Producer in 1993, and got promoted to Associate Producer in 1994, Producer in 1995, and Division Director of Interplay's RPG division in 1996.[Ext 2] When the division got re-branded as Black Isle Studios in 1998,[Ext 3] his title changed to President of the studio, without much changing for him in day-to-day operations.[Ext 2]

Urquhart contributed to Fallout, in particular toward the functionality of the Hub and a quest.[Ext 2] He was also responsible for assigning additional staff for work on assets, shortly before the game's release date.[Ext 4] He is especially proud of the effect the game had on other role playing games, his contributions to it that worked, and those that failed, but from which he learned from.[Ext 2]

In 1998, Urquhart and Matt Norton directed Fallout 2, after Tim Cain, Jason D. Anderson, and Leonard Boyarsky left Interplay to form Troika Games.[Ext 5] The trio left due to different visions on how to make games,[Ext 6] and Urquhart recalls the development of Fallout 2 being "rocky for the first six months,"[Ext 7] and having a "hiccup in the production cycle."[Ext 8] He was involved in the design of Vault City.[1] In retrospect, he regrets two choices on design elements for the game, namely going "too crazy" on inside jokes and real world references, and having talking deathclaws.[Ext 2]

Urquhart also worked on Van Buren,[Ext 9][Ext 10] but ultimately left Interplay in April 2003,[Ext 11] stating that the company losing the Dungeons & Dragons license was one of his main reasons for leaving.[Ext 12]

On June 12, 2003, Urquhart co-founded Obsidian Entertainment, together with his former colleagues Chris Avellone, Chris Jones, Darren L. Monahan and Chris Parker.

Employment history

19912003Interplay Entertainment /
Black Isle Studios
Division director /
2003PresentObsidian EntertainmentCEO


Fallout series

1997FalloutDivision Director
1998Fallout 2Producer
Lead Designer
SPECIAL game system design
Division Director
2010Fallout: New VegasCEO & President
-Van BurenDesign

Other work (excerpt)

1992Castles II: Siege and ConquestAdditional Designer
1998Baldur's GateDirector
1999Planescape: TormentProduction
2000Icewind DaleProduction Division Director
2006Neverwinter Nights 2CEO & President
Executive Producer
2014Pillars of EternityCEO & President
Kickstarter Team
2019The Outer WorldsCEO & President