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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Lo Pan, a Shi gangster in Fallout 2.


{100}{}{You see an arrogant Shi gangster.}
{101}{}{You see Lo Pan, a domineering, ruthless man.}
{102}{}{You see a Shi gangster, dressed in silken clothing. His hands are calloused and hard. He seems dangerous and poisonous.}
{103}{}{What do you want?}
{104}{}{Daggle aggle aggle!}
{105}{}{Who you?}
{106}{}{Who was that you were fighting?}
{107}{}{Who are you?}
{108}{}{I want to learn to fight like you. Teach me.}
{109}{}{I wish to challenge you.}
{110}{}{Forget it.}
{111}{}{Get out of here, idiot. I don't have anything to say to you.}
{113}{}{I'm Lo Pan. I'm the best fighter in town, except for the Dragon. And one day, he's a dead man. When that happens, I'll teach others my style.}
{114}{}{Teach me!}
{115}{}{Tank yu.}
{116}{}{You want to learn? Do you have what it takes? Let's see.}
{118}{}{Teach you? I don't think so. You look far too self-righteous. Get out of here.}
{119}{}{What the... ?}
{120}{}{Oh, look, the idiot. I don't want to talk to you. Go away.}
{122}{}{Him? The Dragon. He's a weakling who fosters weakness.}
{123}{}{The people are sheep. You should serve yourself.}
{124}{}{What, you're evil?}
{125}{}{I see. I have more questions.}
{126}{}{Evil? Hardly. Just smart. Maybe if you're so concerned about doing the right thing by people, you should see the Dragon. He likes simpering weaklings like you.}
{128}{}{Yes, I should. And I do. Unfortunately, the Dragon stands in the way. We're too evenly balanced in our fight against each other. I need just one trained person to help me.}
{129}{}{I am that person.}
{130}{}{I see. Well, I have more questions.}
{131}{}{I see. Well, so long.}
{132}{}{Are you? Can you fight a man hand to hand, foot to face, without relying on armor and weapons?}
{133}{}{I can, but why should I?}
{134}{}{Sounds fair to me. How does this test work?}
{135}{}{Oh. Well, in that case, I gotta go.}
{136}{}{Because otherwise the peasants will curse me and it'll make it that much harder to cow them when I've beaten the Dragon.}
{137}{}{Got it. Let's start the test.}
{138}{}{Got it. I have more questions.}
{139}{}{Riiight. See ya.}
{140}{}{You want to fight me to the death, or do you just want to see who's better?}
{141}{}{To the finish. I can take you.}
{142}{}{A test of skills. I don't want to kill you.}
{143}{}{Neither. Forget it.}
{144}{}{Great. I hope you have a grave ready. Did the Dragon send you?}
{145}{}{Yes. I'm doing this for the Shi.}
{146}{}{No. I'm doing this because I think you're scum.}
{147}{}{A tough one, eh? You'll fight my men first, and then we'll see if you're worthy of fighting me.}
{149}{}{I'm Lo Pan. I'm also the "sworn enemy" of the Dragon. Why he insists on having a sworn enemy is beyond me. I just fight as well as him, and I think he's weak-hearted and allows others to live under his shadow. We're enemies because we have the same fighting style, and whoever wins will be the one who carries the tradition.}
{150}{}{I'm not too bad at hand-to-hand combat myself. Wanna give me a try?}
{151}{}{That's interesting. Must be rewarding. I have more questions.}
{152}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{153}{}{I may be a scumbag, but never will it be said I don't stand up for my people. I'm going to hurt you before you die.}
{155}{}{Then you're a fool and a dog doing the bidding of others. I will laugh when you die.}
{156}{}{- attack now, with armor and weapons -}
{157}{}{- enter the ring, remove armor and weapons, and fight hand to hand -}
{158}{}{Good. At least you're your own master. Are you tough enough to fight without weapons or armor?}
{159}{}{- attack now, with armor and weapons -}
{160}{}{- enter the ring, remove armor and weapons, and fight hand to hand -}
{161}{}{Baaa, sheep, baaa! Go back to your robed masters. I don't have anything to say to you.}
{163}{}{Didn't I tell you to talk to the Dragon about your moral qualms? He'll hold your hand. I won't. Now leave.}
{165}{}{You are, I must admit, even better a fighter than I am. You wanna try for the Dragon?}
{166}{}{Yes. I'll do it right now.}
{167}{}{It's not really my fight.}
{168}{}{Sure, but I have some questions.}
{169}{}{No, it's not. But the Dragon still beats me. If you have any backbone, you'll take him out. But then, I never expected pride from a lao wai.}
{170}{}{Right. I have questions.}
{171}{}{Yeah, whatever. Bye.}
{172}{}{I just got back from killing a lao wai who tried to steal our secrets. The Dragon and I took him out. We worked well together, I must admit.}
{173}{}{Great. I have questions.}
{174}{}{Great. Bye.}
{175}{}{The Dragon is dead. I don't believe it. At least now we won't have those pesky traditions dogging our every step. Thanks.}
{176}{}{Great. I have questions.}
{177}{}{Great. Bye.}
{200}{}{Lo Pan detects your advance and you slip by him.}
{201}{}{Look, I don't appreciate anyone taking my things, so go steal someone else's. Leave now.}
{202}{}{I warned you to leave, not to die. Oh well.}
{203}{}{You already took the test of the Dragon!}
{204}{}{I am done training today. Return tommorow.}
{205}{}{I am Master Khung, your final test.}
{206}{}{I am Imbot. Be ready.}
{207}{}{I am Wejungh. Prepare yourself.}
{208}{}{I am Loopal. You will get no further.}
{209}{}{I am Smitty. It is your time to be beaten.}
{210}{}{I am Master Krall. You are finished.}
{212}{}{You need to train more.}
{213}{}{Prepare yourself!}
{214}{}{You have beaten Lo Pan in mortal combat. For some reason the sun seems a little brighter today.}
{215}{}{You have already defeated my men. You have passed my test. You are ready to fight the Dragon.}
{216}{}{You're pretty good already. Go learn to shoot or something.}
#training messages
{217}{}{Let us begin. Follow my lead.}
{218}{}{Training is done for the day.}
{219}{}{You have learned well.}
{220}{}{You have already defeated my men. No others wish to challenge you.}
{221}{}{You have helped me and did not even know it. With the Dragon dead I no longer have to follow those outdated moral traditions.}
{222}{}{It was my pleasure. Bye.}
{223}{}{You're welcome. Bye bye.}
{224}{}{You're welcome. Can I ask a question?}
{225}{}{Welcome. Me ask?}
{226}{}{You WIN!}
{227}{}{You LOSE!}
{228}{}{Next Opponent!}
{229}{}{Hey, look I what I found.}
{230}{}{First, you will need to prove you can do it. I will have you go up against five of my fighters - one at a time. If you beat them then you will receive your final test.}
{231}{}{What is that?}
{232}{}{Sounds like too much trouble. Bye.}
{233}{}{You will need to defeat me. However, none of these battles will to be to the death - to protect my men, of course. [he sneers]}
{234}{}{Let's get it on!}
{235}{}{You can take care of the Dragon yourself.}
{236}{}{[Lo Pan studies you and then throws a quick punch which smacks you in the nose before you can even react.] You are not good enough.}
{237}{}{Ok, but can I ask something else?}
{238}{}{Fine. Bye.}