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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Vikki Goldman and Juan Cruz, notorious film stars endorsing Hubology on the Golden Gate


{100}{}{You see an eerily wholesome couple.}
{101}{}{You see Juan Cruz and Vikki Goldman, two of New Reno's more notorious film stars.}
{102}{}{You see a dark-haired man and a blonde woman, both of whom are extremely attractive. They exude a slutty "come-hither" vibe.}
{103}{}{Him: Hi! I'm Juan Cruz! Her: And I'm Vikki Goldman! Both: We're celebrities! And we endorse Hubology! Both: Please note that any similarities between us and people or institutions, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.}
{104}{}{Ah? Cluz? Doldnin?}
{105}{}{Celebrities? What makes you celebrities?}
{106}{}{Similarities? What do you mean?}
{107}{}{I want to be a Hubologist. How do I join?}
{108}{}{Hey, Vikki, Dave H. is in love with you.}
{109}{}{Great. Gotta go.}
{110}{}{Him: A poor child of the waste. Her: Perhaps an alignment would help? Him: Yes. You. Would you like an alignment?}
{113}{}{Her: I do hope that has helped. Good luck in your travels!}
{115}{}{It certainly has!}
{116}{}{Him: If you won't accept our help... Her: ... then we can't help you. Goodbye.}
{118}{}{Him: Ah, you see? The teachings of the Hub have demonstrated their worth again!}
{119}{}{I have some questions.}
{120}{}{Thanks! Bye!}
{121}{}{Her: Why, we were in the movie business in New Reno. We made hundreds of films, many of them classics, like "Top Bun," "Frisky Bizness," and "Days of Rubber". That's what makes us celebrities.}
{122}{}{Him: But then, as a member of the industry, you already knew that.}
{123}{}{It's nice to finally put faces to the names.}
{124}{}{Who cares if YOU endorse it? Shouldn't I make my own choices?}
{125}{}{I see. Well, I have more questions for you.}
{126}{}{Thanks, bye.}
{127}{}{Her: Oh, yes, you should definitely make your own choices. Him: And with the Hub's latest book, you can learn how to make the RIGHT choice!}
{128}{}{His latest book? Isn't he dead?}
{129}{}{The "right" choice. Sure. What about free will?}
{130}{}{Sounds great. How do I join?}
{131}{}{Sure. I have more questions.}
{132}{}{Right. Bye.}
{133}{}{Him: More questions? Then we have the answers! Provided by the Great Wheel's graces, of course.}
{134}{}{How do I join?}
{135}{}{What makes you celebrities?}
{136}{}{Shouldn't I make my own choices, rather than let celebrities guide me?}
{137}{}{How do I join?}
{138}{}{Hey, Vikki, Dave H. is in love with you.}
{139}{}{No, no more questions.}
{140}{}{Her: [blank icy look] Him: Thank you.}
{141}{}{Err... I have some questions.}
{142}{}{That's all for me! So long!}
{143}{}{Him: Dead? Ha ha! Perhaps. We like to think that he aligned all his neurodynes and went to join the Star Father. Her: We have extensive use of his jotted notes and barely-begun manuscripts to spread the word of the Hub. Him: For example, we found a scrap that said: "2 doz. eggs/Milk/TP". Obviously this is significant. It needs to be heard.}
{144}{}{Err... right. I have more questions.}
{145}{}{What, because some crackpot wrote something down you feel the need to publish EVERYTHING?}
{146}{}{Yes! Praise the Hub! I see the light! How do I join?}
{147}{}{Right. Bye.}
{148}{}{Him: Yes. Some might think we resemble certain people. Her: But the truth is, it's entirely coincidental.}
{149}{}{Whew. Well, that's a load off. Say, I have more questions.}
{150}{}{Got it. So long.}
{151}{}{Her: Of course you have your free will. You have the choice to allow your neurodynes to be filled with the filth of the world. Him: You have the choice to live a joyless, meaningless existence in the rat race. Both: Or you can come to a greater understanding of life through the Great Wheel.}
{152}{}{Neurodynes? What are they?}
{153}{}{Sounds great. How can I join?}
{154}{}{Hmm. I think I'll stick with the rat race.}
{155}{}{Right-o. Well, I have to run.}
{156}{}{Her: You dare call the Hub (praise his vision) a crackpot? Here? In a stronghold devoted to his study? Him: Get out of here. If you talk to anyone on the way out, you will be attacked. Infidel. Both: Good riddance.}
{157}{}{Maybe I'd better jump on them. I always hated your movies anyway. Let's see you do a death scene.}
{158}{}{Your movies suck. Bye.}
{160}{}{Her: Neurodynes are the essence of souls destroyed in the Great War, polluting your spiritual essence and guiding you astray. Him: If you want to know more about our teachings, you'll have to join our church.}
{161}{}{Yes, this sounds fascinating.}
{162}{}{I'd heard this was science fiction, but I didn't know how much. The Hub must have been quite a crackpot.}
{163}{}{Well, I'm definitely curious about what you've got. Count me in.}
{164}{}{Hmm. Nah, not right now. I do have more questions, though.}
{165}{}{Umm... gotta go. Bye.}
{166}{}{Him: That's very forward-thinking of you. Her: Very enlightened. Him: We offer our opinions to people - and if our celebrity can attract more believers, we're anxious to use it.}
{167}{}{I have other questions.}
{168}{}{I'm interested in joining.}
{169}{}{I see. Well, so long.}
{170}{}{Him: Well, it's very simple. We just give you this informational holodisc. Her: ... you sit through a short movie... Him... and then you go talk to AHS-7! Her: Easy, isn't it?}
{171}{}{Let's do it.}
{172}{}{I don't think I'm ready for this.}
{173}{}{Her: That's your prerogative. Him: And I hope you'll understand that you can't be allowed to wander our base. Her: So you had better leave - the guards will probably shoot at you if you stick around.}
{174}{}{Gee, thanks. Invite me in to recruit me and shoot me if I don't sign up? Nice gig.}
{175}{}{Maybe I'd better shoot you first.}
{176}{}{I'm out of here.}
{177}{}{Him: This is your last chance to change your mind. Her: We'd hate to see anything bad happen to you.}
{178}{}{Screw you.}
{179}{}{Fine. How do I join?}
{180}{}{Something bad is about to happen to YOU.}
{181}{}{Nope. I'll take my chances. So long.}
{182}{}{Him: We've done everything we can for you. Her: Good luck in your travels.}
{184}{}{Her: Dave? The computer guy? Him: Ha ha! What a loser! Vikki is mine, all mine - no way he'll... excuse me, this is negative energy I'm channeling. I must have fouled my neurodynes. Her: [whispers to you] I think Dave's a cutie, but nothing can happen while Juan is around. Him: Whew. Neurodyne is all clear again.}
{185}{}{Well, I have more questions.}
{186}{}{That's all. Bye.}
{187}{}{Her: That wasn't so bad, was it? Him: Now just go talk to AHS-7 and we'll be comrades in Hubology! Her: I'm so excited! Him: Getting new recruits makes me horny. Her: Oh, honey... Him: Oh, baby...}
{188}{}{I'll just come back later.}
{189}{}{Him: Too bad. Her: You're committed now.}
{191}{}{Him: You made a life-altering decision. Her: And sadly, it was the wrong one. Both: Guards! Guards!}
{193}{}{Him: Greetings,}
{194}{}{So what do I do now that I'm an Hubologist?}
{195}{}{How can I hook up with you guys?}
{196}{}{That's pretty much all I wanted. So long!}
{199}{}{Him: You could talk to Harry Rocket on the surface. Maybe he needs some help. Her: Or you could talk to AHS-7 or AHS-9. They usually have ideas. Him: Or you could watch the PrayScreen. Her: Or you could cause mischief among the enemies of the Wheel.}
{200}{}{Thanks. How do I hook up with you guys?}
{201}{}{Thanks. That's all I wanted to know.}
{202}{}{Her: As sad as it is - because the Star Father knows you're a cutie - we probably shouldn't. Him: But we're both flattered! Her: Maybe sometime we can all go to New Reno and make a film together.}
{203}{}{Oh, all right. What else is there to do as an Hubologist?}
{204}{}{Oh, all right. So long.}
{205}{}{Her: Lying is bad for your neurodynes. Him: That's right. Her: That's why I have to be honest and say I don't find you attractive. Him: But we still love you as a fellow follower of the Hub!}
{206}{}{Gee, thanks. So what else is there to do as an Hubologist?}
{207}{}{Whatever. [mutter] jerks.}
{208}{}{Greetings, new recruits!}
{209}{}{I'm Vikki Goldman!}
{210}{}{And I'm Juan Cruz!}
{211}{}{We're celebrities, as you already know.}
{212}{}{We think Hubology is the way to go.}
{213}{}{We KNOW Hubology is the way to go.}
{214}{}{I can fry bugs with my brain power!}
{215}{}{I look good in tinfoil hats!}
{216}{}{Maybe if you work hard at optimizing yourself, you can associate with us.}
{217}{}{We'd certainly like that.}
{218}{}{Yes. We're always looking for friends...}
{219}{}{... as long as they are willing to optimize themselves.}
{220}{}{And are as high ranking as we are.}
{221}{}{We're AHS-5.}
{222}{}{You can be AHS-5 someday.}
{223}{}{If you donate lots of money, you can be AHS-5 even faster.}
{224}{}{But don't think we only want you for the money.}
{225}{}{No, we want to HELP you.}
{226}{}{And that's what Hubology is all about.}
{228}{}{. I hope your enlightenment is going well. Her: We do have such... large... hopes for you.}
{229}{}{Lesson 1: Here we have eternity, the Great Wheel. [points at something] And here is where we are. [points at something] Now all we have to do is walk really far and meet our starry brethren there.}
{230}{}{Man, we're going to need a lot of shoes.}
{231}{}{Him: Now just go talk to AHS-7 and we'll be comrades in Hubology! Her: I'm so excited! Him: Getting new recruits makes me horny. Her: Oh, honey... Him: Oh, baby...}