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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue file for Badger, the tanker vagrant hacker on the PMV Valdez.


{100}{}{You see a punk wearing a half-smile.}
{101}{}{You see Badger.}
{102}{}{You see a punk with a half-sneer across his face.}
{103}{}{:::He belches loudly:: Whaddya want?}
{105}{}{You who?}
{106}{}{Who are you?}
{107}{}{Can you tell me about this tanker?}
{108}{}{What do you do here?}
{109}{}{I'd like you to hack into a computer for me.}
{110}{}{How's the hacking coming?}
{111}{}{Nothing. Nice belch.}
{112}{}{::He summons another throaty burp::}
{113}{}{::Belch louder::}
{115}{}{::He spits forth a horrific belch that defies the very heavens in its volume and depth::}
{117}{}{I'm Badger. I used to have a band. ::sigh:: Called ourselves There We Smolder. Now I'm the resident computer tech in San Fran.}
{118}{}{Oh! Tanks!}
{119}{}{What sort of computer stuff do you do?}
{120}{}{I'll bet your band sucked.}
{121}{}{Was the band any good?}
{122}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{123}{}{Uhh... okay.}
{125}{}{You oughta talk to Marc or the Captain about that.}
{126}{}{Where can I find Marc?}
{127}{}{Where can I find the Captain?}
{128}{}{I'm the resident computer genius.}
{129}{}{What sort of computer stuff do you do?}
{130}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{131}{}{Don't pester me. ::He farts:: I'm working on it, all right?}
{132}{}{All right, all right. Just let me know when you're done.}
{133}{}{Well, let's just say I'm an information retrieval specialist.}
{134}{}{Can you retrieve some stuff for me?}
{135}{}{What does that mean?}
{136}{}{Yeah, well, fuck you.}
{138}{}{Fuck you, too.}
{139}{}{I'll say! We kicked ass! Our singer was... umm... a bit of a ponce, and Aaron was always sweating, and everything else was Todd's fault. But we were good.}
{140}{}{Too bad you're not back together. I'd like to have heard you.}
{141}{}{Umm. Sure. I have more questions.}
{142}{}{I'll bet you sucked.}
{143}{}{You can usually find Marc down in the bar.}
{144}{}{Thanks. I have more questions.}
{145}{}{Thanks. That's all.}
{146}{}{The Captain's usually in the bridge. Just go up the stairs in the bar.}
{147}{}{Thanks. I have more questions.}
{148}{}{Thanks. That's all.}
{149}{}{Yeah, but it'll cost you.}
{150}{}{What's your price?}
{151}{}{Yeah, whatever. I gotta go.}
{152}{}{It means that I can find data you need.}
{153}{}{Can you do something for me?}
{154}{}{I see. Cool. I have more questions.}
{155}{}{I see. Thanks.}
{156}{}{Yeah, you would have. Anyway, I have to get back to this.}
{157}{}{Wait. I have more questions.}
{158}{}{Thanks. See ya.}
{159}{}{I think I like you enough that I can do it for you now. Who you want me to visit?}
{160}{}{The Hubologists.}
{161}{}{The Shi.}
{162}{}{Neither. Just checking.}
{163}{}{I suppose I can do it for free, since you checked for my girlfriend. It'll take a while, though. Who do you want me to hit?}
{164}{}{The Hubologists.}
{165}{}{The Shi.}
{166}{}{Neither. Just checking.}
{167}{}{You gotta do me a favor, first. My girlfriend got herself lost in the tanker. Find her for me and I'll do it.}
{168}{}{You got it. See ya.}
{169}{}{Forget it. See ya.}
{170}{}{Like stealing candy from a baby. They'll never find me. What do you want from them?}
{171}{}{Great. I have more questions.}
{172}{}{Great. I'll be back.}
{173}{}{I can get them. They're pretty protective of their info, and they've got some serious ice protecting their machines. Are you sure you want me to go after them?}
{174}{}{Well, good luck. I have more questions.}
{175}{}{Good luck. I'll be back later.}
{176}{}{Hey, find my girlfriend and then we'll talk.}
{177}{}{All right, all right.}
{178}{}{She's dead? She's DEAD? How did she die? No, wait... don't tell me. Give me a few hours to get myself together.}
{179}{}{Sure, sure.}
{180}{}{Snap out of it, Sparky. We got shit to do.}
{181}{}{All right. I'm better now.}
{182}{}{Good. I need to ask you something.}
{183}{}{Good for you. I didn't want to talk to you.}
{184}{}{Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't thank you enough for saving her. What do you want?}
{185}{}{I have some questions.}
{186}{}{Your gratitude is enough for me. So long.}
{187}{}{Okay, I got into the Shi computers. I don't know if I made it out undetected. I guess now the best thing is to hide. You want anything else?}
{189}{}{No. See ya.}
{190}{}{Got the Hubologists. No problem. Need anything else?}
{192}{}{No. See ya.}
{193}{}{You just made a big mistake, pal. I just turned the Shi and the Hubologists against you through their computers. You're finished in San Francisco. }
{194}{}{I guess I'd better kill you then.}
{195}{}{Give me a few hours to get myself together.}
{196}{}{You want me to hack a formatted computer? The information's gone. It ain't gonna happen.}
{197}{}{I am going to have to vacate this place.}
{198}{}{Good to see ya.}
{199}{}{I'm looking for some fuel.}
{200}{}{I've heard the Hubologists have some fuel, and I could take a looksee in their computer for you.}
{201}{}{The Shi have all the fuel around here. I could take a gander at their mainframe for you.}
{202}{}{Can you?}
{203}{}{What the hell do you want?}
{204}{}{Badger of the punks, I presume?}
{205}{}{You have disgraced our Emperor for the last time!}
{206}{}{I think I will go get some candy from Lao Chou in town.}
{207}{}{So much for a fair trial. Hmmm...}
{208}{}{Dude, lighten up. I just wanted some candy.}
{209}{}{Can you transfer the fuel from their spaceship to the tanker?}
{210}{}{Can you get me a copy of their vertibird plan?}
{211}{}{Can you transfer the fuel and get me the plans?}
{212}{}{Yes, I need what they have.}
{213}{}{Nah, I'll figure out another way.}
{214}{}{All right, but shit might hit the fan.}
{215}{}{Can you transfer the fuel from their reserves to the tanker?}
{216}{}{Never mind, I'll do it another way.}
{217}{}{Never mind.}
{218}{}{Alright. Check back with me in a day or so and I'll let you know.}
{219}{}{Did you get what I needed?}
{220}{}{Yeah, I got the fuel.}
{221}{}{Yeah, I got the verti plans.}
{222}{}{Yeah, I got the fuel and the plans.}
{223}{}{Thanks a lot. See ya.}