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You'd be surprised at what's in demand out there. Something that's taken for granted in one place may be a highly sought after commodity in a settlement 10 miles away.Rutger

Far Go Traders is a merchant house of the New California Republic.


The Far Go Traders are one of the trading houses that ruled the Hub, alongside the Crimson Caravan and the Water Merchants.[1] Goods commonplace in one settlement might be luxury goods in a settlement just 10 miles away.[2] By expanding their business in this fashion, the Traders developed a very large operation: Large enough that harvesting operations by the Master's forces did not hurt the company much (only a small percentage of their business), even though they lost a lot of caravans to the Scavenger Teams.[3]

Having survived in the cutthroat environment of the Hub, the Traders survived and prospered. By 2281, more than 120 years later, the Traders are large and influential enough to compete with Crimson Caravan for the new armor contract for NCR Army troops.[4]


In 2161, the trading house was run (officially) by Butch Harris, with Rutger as his aide. Considered to be an honest trader with a mind for honest work, he was unable to curb Decker's influence and the FGT ended up falling under the control of the crime lord.[5] The string of caravan disappearances has annoyed Decker, but he has allowed Butch to handle it his way for the time being.[6]

Butch preferred a hands-off approach to business. His employees were expected to bring their own weapons and ammunition for caravan guard duties and any special jobs that needed doing,[7] while managers of businesses owned by the trading house, like Beth's Weapon Shop, were given plenty of freedom and de facto autonomy to run things as they please. A key element of any employment contract was a provision that allowed FGT contractors to buy items at a 15% discount from businesses owned by the company. Coupled with the fact that they pay well and their jobs are reasonably dangerous, it allowed for them to stay in business as a fair, dependable trading house: Not as crazy as the Crimson Caravan of the time, but not as exploitative as the Water Merchants.[8]

As a result, they were very popular with caravan guards, commonly considered to be the best house to work for. The fact they did not take unnecessary risks and were pleasant to work with was a big plus.[9][10][11]


Far Go Traders appears in Fallout and is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.


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    The Vault Dweller: "{132}{}{Dirt? Scraps of metal?}"
    Rutger: "{134}{}{You'd be surprised at what's in demand out there. Something that's taken for granted in one place may be a highly sought after commodity in a settlement 10 miles away.}"
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  4. The Courier: "Give them a deal on the price, you'll have the upper hand in future, more important negotiations."
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    (Blake's dialogue)
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    "{101}{}{NEED WORK? The Far Go Traders are currently filling the following positions:}"
    "{102}{}{1. Caravan Guards. Must be in good physical condition and dependable.}"
    "{103}{}{2. Special Position. Must be observant and willing to travel in dangerous territory.}"
    "{104}{}{Own weapons and ammo required for all jobs. Inquire with Rutger at the Far Go Traders office.}"
  8. The Vault Dweller: "{173}{}{The Far Go Traders.}"
    Beth: "{206}{}{The Far Go Traders pay well and their jobs aren't too deadly. Butch owns this shop, a good man. They're fair and let me do as I please with the place; I like working with them. Plus you get a discount on anything you buy here if you work for Butch.}"
    (Beth's dialogue)
  9. Crimson Caravan guard: "{134}{}{I love Caravan duty, lots of action and caps.}"
    "{135}{}{The Far Go Traders are great to work for.}"
    "{136}{}{I like working for the Far Go Traders; they don't take stupid risks.}"
    "{137}{}{The Crimson Caravan's caravans are the best.}"
    "{138}{}{The Crimson Caravan pays so well, I'll retire in a year.}"
    (Crimson Caravan guard's dialogue)
  10. Far Go Traders guard: "{101}{}{Those damn Water Merchants are ripp'n us all off.}"
    "{104}{}{Far Go Traders are the best.}"
    "{105}{}{The Crimson Caravan are a bunch of idiots and lunatics.}"
    "{109}{}{Those water misers are responsible, I know it.}"
    (Far Go Traders guard)
  11. The Vault Dweller: "{110}{}{If I was looking for a job, where would be a good place to start?}"
    Gunther: "{114}{}{I occasionaly do a stint on one of the caravans that head out from here. If you're looking for that kind of work, just talk to one of the trading houses. I'm partial to the Far Go Traders, but I've worked with all of them.}"
    (Gunther's dialogue)