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Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games is a company that develops and publishes role-playing, card and board games, founded in 1995 by Christian Petersen.


Founder and former CEO Christian Petersen established the company in 1995, initially as a publisher of European comics in the United States. It became notable for publishing Twilight Imperium, a board game noted for its detail, in-depth strategy and unusual length. Fantasy Flight Games is currently the fifth largest publisher of board games in the world.[1]

The company has created and published a number of games for various franchises including Star Wars, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones. In 2014, the company merged with French board game publisher Asmodée Éditions. Fallout: The Board Game, a board game based on the Fallout Series, was released in November 2017[2] and Fallout Shelter: The Board Game was released in July 2020.


Image Name Description
FSBG Front of box.jpg Fallout Shelter: The Board Game Fallout Shelter: The Board Game is a post-nuclear worker-placement board game for two to four players. Players take on the role of a vault officer fostering happiness among the citizens of the vault. With the election of a new overseer looming, the officer who can gain the most happiness among the dwellers is sure to lock up the election and attain victory.
Fallout Atomic Bonds.webp Fallout: Atomic Bonds With the Atomic Bonds Cooperative Upgrade Pack for Fallout: The Board Game, the number of scenarios available to you just doubled. This upgrade pack has everything you need to play every competitive scenario from Fallout: The Board Game and the New California expansion as a cooperative scenario. Rather than struggling against each other, Atomic Bonds lets you and your friends travel the Wasteland, grab the best gear, and push your chosen faction to victory—together!
New California box.png Fallout: New California Fallout: New California is an expansion for Fallout: The Board Game, developed by Fantasy Flight Games. It was released in October 2018. The expansion features new quests, companions, vaults, and items to Fallout: The Board Game, as well as five new playable characters.
Fallout The Board Game cover.jpg Fallout: The Board Game Fallout: The Board Game is a tile-based game for one to four players, who can either compete or work together. Players can choose between four scenarios, taking place in the Capital Wasteland, the Pitt, the Commonwealth or Far Harbor. While exploring different location tiles, the players can gain equipment cards or special influence cards to advance their character.