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Fallout 76 Workshop Objects

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Workshop objects are world objects constructed within C.A.M.P.s and workshops in Fallout 76.


For a list of static and moveable static world objects, see Fallout 76 miscellaneous world objects. For the CAMP world object, see CAMP (object).


  • Recent: Objects that have been selected or built recently.
  • Stored: Objects that are currently stored and using CAMP budget.
  • Blueprints: Objects that are saved after moving a CAMP.
  • New: Objects that have been recently learned or purchased.
  • Quest: Objects related to quests and events.


By Expansion

Once in a Blue Moon

Image Name Learned By Form ID
00691d28.png Blue Devil Curtain Door Plan: Blue Devil Curtain Door 00691D14
Bluedevilplush01.png Blue Devil Plushie Plan: Blue Devil Plushie 00685506
Taxidermybluedevil01josephsimpkin (2).webp Blue Devil Statue Plan: Blue Devil Statue 006C5637
Costa Business 11.png Blue Ridge Guardsman Paint Plan: Blue Ridge Guardsman Paint
Blue moon blueridgerug ao.li.webp Blue Ridge Rug Plan: Blue Ridge Rug 006918BA
Stashbox blueridge 20240115 22-06-03.webp Blue Ridge Themed Stash Box Plan: Blue Ridge Themed Stash Box
Blue moon blueridge woodentoytruck right.webp Blue Ridge Toy Truck Plan: Blue Ridge Toy Truck 00691D31
FO76OBM Daily Op 4.png Brahmin Couch Plan: Brahmin Couch 00692A1B
Brahminrug01.png Brahmin Skin Rug Plan: Brahmin Skin Rug 00691D4F
Selfstandingtent 20240115 21-40-07.webp Canopy Tent Plan: Canopy Tent 00691D61
Moon carddisplaycase 20240115 21-55-18ao.li.webp Card Display Case Plan: Card Display Case
Moon cartography table 20240114 14-53-03.webp Cartography Table Plan: Cartography Table 00691D36
Sleepingbagblueridgeclean.png Clean Blue Ridge Sleeping Bag Plan: Clean Blue Ridge Sleeping Bag
Moon cryptid mobile 20240114 14-25-50.webp Cryptid Mobile Plan: Cryptid Mobile 0069F67C
Sleepingbagblueridge.png Dirty Blue Ridge Sleeping Bag Plan: Dirty Blue Ridge Sleeping Bag 00691D11
Score s12 camp collector woodpile l.webp Firewood Pile Plan: Firewood Pile 006E227A
Moon sleeping bed fur.png Fur Sleeping Bag Plan: Fur Sleeping Bag 00691D10
Kidsclockcowfront.webp Kids Brahmin Clock Plan: Kids Brahmin Clock 00691D35
76taxidermybluedevilmountedhead 20240114 14-34-03.webp Mounted Blue Devil Head Plan: Mounted Blue Devil Head 006C5638
Moon taxidermyoguahead 20240114 14-33-00.webp Mounted Ogua Head Plan: Mounted Ogua Head 006CCB5F
Oguakeychain.png Ogua Backpack Flair Plan: Ogua Backpack Flair 00691D45
00691d27.png Ogua Curtain Door Plan: Ogua Curtain Door 00691D08
Moon ogua egg.png Ogua Egg Plan: Ogua Egg 006ABA11
Oguaplushie01.png Ogua Plushie Plan: Ogua Plushie 0068ADF3
Oguashellbackpack.png Ogua Shell Backpack Plan: Ogua Shell Backpack 006D7A0E
Paddockfence01front.webp Paddock Fence Plan: Paddock Fence 00692297
Paddockfenceworkshop01.png Paddock Gate Plan: Paddock Gate 00692292
Atx brahmin plushie.webp Pink Brahmin Plushie Plan: Pink Brahmin Plushie 00692281
Score s12 camp utility radstagfielddressingstation l.webp Radstag Field Dressing Station Plan: Radstag Field Dressing Station 0068E77F
Moon sheepsquatchposter 20240115 21-42-58.webp Sheepsquatch Poster Plan: Sheepsquatch Poster 006B2E88
Travelerswagon 20240114 14-55-39.webp Traveler's Wagon Plan: Traveler's Wagon 006A008F
Atx trailer truck blue gearleftrussell.rector.webp Truckbed Trailer With Junk Plan: Truckbed Trailer With Junk 00691D32

Atlantic City Boardwalk Paradise

Image Name Learned By Form ID
Atx entm camp walldecor casinobuststatue.webp Aquarium Pillar Plan: Aquarium Pillar 007331D6
Ac aquariumwhaledisplay.png Aquarium Whale Display Plan: Aquarium Whale Display 006E736F
FO76 Blackjack Table.png Atlantic City Black Jack Table Plan: Atlantic City Card Tables 006E58B6
Atlantic City Web 6.jpg Atlantic City Dice Table Plan: Atlantic City Dice Table 006E58B5
Casino poker table long.png Atlantic City Poker Table Plan: Atlantic City Card Tables 006E58B7
Casino roulette table.png Atlantic City Roulette Table Plan: Atlantic City Roulette Table 006E58B4
Atlanticcity signlarge.png Atlantic City Sign Plan: Atlantic City Sign 00749DC8
Ac slotmachine02 podium03.png Atlantic City Slot Machine Plan: Atlantic City Slot Machines 006D3A4F
Game show sign c.png Game Show Sign Plan: Game Show Sign 006D3A51
Lesser Devil Plushie.png Lesser Devil Plushie Plan: Lesser Devil Plushies 0073BAF3
Atx camp furniture horseracinggame l.webp Mechanical Derby Game Plan: Atlantic City Mechanical Derby Game 006D3A4E
Atx camp lights ceiling mezzaninelight l.webp Mezzanine Lights Plan: Mezzanine Lights 0072D472
Ac neapolitan ext sign02.png Neopolitan Exterior Sign Plan: Neopolitan Exterior Sign 0072D476
Xpd ac nightclubextsign.png Nightclub Exterior Sign Plan: Nightclub Exterior Sign 0072D473
Xpd ac workshop quentinossign01.png Quentino's Sign Plan: Quentino's Sign 00728001
Xpd ac starfishpillar.png Sea Animal Pillar Plan: Sea Animal Pillars 0072A016
Slot Machine Podium.png Slot Machine Podium Plan: Slot Machine Podiums 00727305
Workshop worldsbiggestslotmachine.png World's Biggest Slot Machine Plan: World's Biggest Slot Machine 006D3A50