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Dialogue Page Renaming Drive

The Dialogue Page Renaming Drive is a project on the Independent Fallout Wiki.


A part of the clean-up from the fork is changing the name of dialogue pages to coincide with their character pages. A lot of the dialogue pages end in ".txt" despite this format changing as of Fallout 3. Therefore, for characters in Fallout 3 to present, we want to change them to "Character Name/Dialogue" instead of "Charactername.txt" for the page name. This will make the dialogue pages more accurate as well as easier to find, as it will now be the subpage of the character.



  • If you have time, utilize the "What Links Here" option at the bottom of the article and correct any links now redirecting to the old page.
  • Sometimes a redirect going the wrong direction is set up, in which case admin permissions are needed to move it. In this case, place the {{Cleanup}} template at the top of the article, alerting admins to assist.