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Classic Fallout Splits

Classic Fallout Splits is a project on the Independent Fallout Wiki.


A lot of very old articles have Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics information all in one article, usually in a mishmash manner that makes it really hard to understand what info pertains to each game. To make it worse, it makes them almost impossible to be used in DPL articles unless they have multiple categories added manually, which make the autocategorization feature of infoboxes redundant. This project aims to fix that by giving each of those articles their own spot for easier finding. Articles that cover multiple games still can get an overview article while having their own individual information that is exclusive to each game.

How to mark articles for split

{{split|[[FalloutWiki:Classic Fallout Splits|Classic Fallout Splits]]|project=Classic Fallout split project}}

Examples of pages split