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Character Image Cropping

Character Image Cropping is a project on the Independent Fallout Wiki.


A part of the clean-up from the fork is cropping images (mostly characters from Fallout 4) that have uneven cropping , leaving most of the image empty space instead of centered on the character. We want to correct this to make infoboxes more consistent.

Images that have uneven cropping need to be downloaded, cropped to 4:3 (centering on the character's face) and reuploaded. Any program can be used to crop the images, including the built in "Photos" app on PC which has built-in ratio options.

Project Image Example.png


  • You can see an example of a before and after here under "File history" or the preview to the right.
  • Examples of nicely cropped images: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 , and Image 4



Images needing cropping