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NIWA Cross Wiki Week 2023

NIWA Cross-Wiki Week is an annual event hosted by NIWA celebrating Nintendo's birthday. The event dates are September 23 through October 1, 2023.

Want to join?

As an affiliate of NIWA, we are excited to join in the fun, constructively editing NIWA and affiliate wikis. Whether it's adding some new content, uploading an image, or adding a reference, we can help each other out and introduce other community members to our site.

To Participate

  • Sign up here! At the end of the event, a prize draw will be held, in which two lucky editors will win a $20 Nintendo eShop gift card.
  • Mark all edits as part of the event by simply adding #cww to your edit summaries.
  • For more information on the terms and conditions for entering the prize draw, and links to other NIWA wikis and ways to help, see here.

List of Wikis

Check out the other wikis and their guides here!

Here to edit Fallout?

Some examples of work that needs to be done around the site are presented below. If you'd like to participate by editing the Independent Fallout Wiki, be sure to create an account here. After your first edit you will gain the automoderated role. Feel free to post any questions in the Discord for a quick response!