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Fallout: New Vegas Credits

Fallout: New Vegas development team

This page lists all of the known developers who worked on Fallout: New Vegas.


Some of the developers are listed more than once because they had more than one role in its production. See also: Wild Wasteland and DLC credits.

The following is a transcript, please do not edit the contents.

Published by

Bethesda Softworks

Developed by

Obsidian Entertainment


Project Director

J.E. “Serpiente” Sawyer
"We've already established that I don't know what I'm talking about, so let's not dwell on it."


Executive Producer

Larry "54 DD" Liberty
“Dann sind wir Helden.”


Mikey "Archbishop of Babies" Dowling
“Can I get that with more projection? Okay, less intensity. Now split the difference."
Jason “Lord” Fader
"Dreams slow you down."
Matt Singh
Tess "Obsidian's Gay Cowgirl" Treadwell
"Illiteracy is ruining America"

Additional Production

Brandon Adler
Matt Rorie


Lead Artist

Joe Sanabria
"Let's all follow Roger's lead and set our unit to 1 inch"

Concept / Vault Boy Artist

Brian "BRENZE" Menze
"Don’tchu know who I am?!”

World Building Lead

Scott "Scotty" Everts
“Push the button, Frank!”

User Interface Artist

Jason "misterDNA" Sereno

Character Artists

Daniel Alpert
Aaron Brown
Kevin Manning

Environment Artists

Aaron Brown
Cochey Cantu
Roger "KOA" Chang
"You want me to do what?!"
Sean "The Butcher of Anaheim" Dunny
Paul "The Wildebeest" Fish
James "Subterranean Solzhenitsyn Aficionado" Garcia
Ed "Leapin' Lemurs" Lacabanne
"The jumping Cholla lunged at me. I swear I didn't touch it."
David "Lion-2P" Lieu
"It’s like you’re moving in slow motion!"
James “Simply James” Melilli
"Yeah, we make things only gods can make."
Megan "Megantron" Parks
“Ooh, is that horseradish?”
Kristen "The Atomic Hammer" Wong
"Well... it could be worse."

Weapon Artists

Mitch Ahlswede
Daniel Alpert
Aaron Brown
Paul Fish
Kevin Manning

World Builders

Jessica "Anita Sedative" Edge
“Don't you know I'm LOCA?”
Denise "Space Dinosaur" McMurry
“I’m only funny when I don’t want to be.”
Megan “Meganbyte” Parks
Sydney "Detroit" Wolfram
"I haven't been home since Tuesday. My poor starving kitty..."
"I wasn't drunk, I always kept a solid grip on the floor."

Additional Character Art

Chris Willis

Additional Concept Art by

Massive Black


Lead Animator

Mark Bremerkamp


Seth “Admiral McSethington” McCaughey
“Have I explained my ‘Computer Gnome’ theory?”
Shon "Skippy" Stewart
"Murdering defenseless old men is fun!"

Additional Animation

Anthony Rogers


Audio Director

Scott Lawlor

Sound Designers

Justin “Il Papino” Bell
Andrew "Doc Galapagoes" Dearing

Additional Sound Designer

Jonathan "Jin the Mad" Pendergrass
“Tastes like burning!”
Fryda Wolff


Lead Designer / System Designer

J.E. Sawyer

Area Design Lead

Charles "Flipper" Staples
“Mexican coke is the best.”
Dr. Richards is a dude and likes other dudes. This perk brings out the tiger in him.”

Design Lead / Lead Writer

John "Jongo" Gonzalez
"So far I'm enchanted."

Area Designers

Jesse Farrell
Eric Fenstermaker
Akil "Long-legged Mac Daddy" Hooper
"Naturally, but I find that Thibault cancels out Capo Ferro."
"We should've named it Sodom. I bet these motherfuckers would know how to spell THAT."
Jeff Husges
Robert “General” Lee
"Ne incautus futuri."
Jorge "Oscuro" Salgado
Travis "El Gimpo" Stout
“...credit me as Travis "El Gimpo" Stout in the wacky credits so I don't look like a fuddy-duddy.”
J.R. “Junior” Vosovic
"Did you figure out that back door?"
Stephanie Newland


Chris "MCA" Avellone
"Can I make a Speech check here? Because I really want to make a Speech check."
Eric "Dirty Fenster" Fenstermaker
"That's what she said"
Travis Stout

Additional Area Design

Eric "Siege Driver" Beaumont
“Cripes! What the deuce?!”
Jessica "Vertigirl" Johnson
Casey "NSFW" Kwock
“You win this round... [Insert Cute Kitty Pic]"
Matt "Prince Latifah" MacLean
"Move this shit to spam"
Denise McMurry
Sydney Wolfram

Additional Writing

Tess "I'm gay, not desperate" Treadwell
George Ziets
Jason "Monster of the East" Bergman
/taps watch "Just read the f%@#ing line."
Nick Breckon
Matt Grandstaff
Will "Badger" Noble
Andrew "Mojave, 'mo problems" Scharf
"We weren't sure what was going on so we had to check his package"


Lead Programmer

Frank Kowalkowski


Michael "Friendlier Version of That Beard Guy" Bosley
"I'm not angry, I'm coding!"
"It compiles, it must work!"
Jonathan Burke
Justin "I'm not sleeping, I'm compiling" Reynard
“That's number 'fuck you' on my list of things to do”
Dan "Dan Rubalcaba" Rubalcaba
"My quantum milk machine brings every boy to all yards."
Rob "Pants are optional" Smith
"That's odd, it works on my machine"

Additional Programming

Anddy Archer
Adam Brennecke
Matt Campbell
Jason "Additional Programming" Fader
Brian Fox
Sven Knutson
Erik Novales
Javier Olivares
Daniel Teh
Chris Tencati

Quality Assurance


Ashley "Childlike Cat Empress of Chocolate Mushrooms" Betters
Casey Kwock
Anthony "Darth Anthrax" Rogers
"If in doubt, flat out."

Obsidian Entertainment

President and Chief Executive Officer

Feargus Urquhart

Chief Operations Officer

Chris Parker

Chief Information Officer

Darren L. Monahan

Chief Creative Officer

Chris Avellone

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Jones

Information Technology

Chris Benson
John Wunder

Human Resources

Tina Parker


Jessica Edge
Megan Tiernan
Jim Rivers


Jennifer Hendrix
Kramer And Olsen


Jeffrey Rose

Special Thanks

Guy Carver, Tyson Christensen, Jean-Eric Khalife, Steve Weatherly, Meredith, Sophia, and Logan for giving up dad.
To the Naked Ninjas for helping me unwind. - AH
To my Family and Friends for being supportive. F. Peter, A. Milecki, San Diego John, Maj M. Beckhart, M. Callanan, Lt Col Johnston - AD
Kayelyn, Dad and My Mom - may she rest in peace. - BM
To Sarah Spofford for letting me bounce ideas off her Gnome. - CK
To my wife Kim, for being more amazing than I could have possibly imagined, & the Staples clan. - CS
Dave Marshall, Nick McWhorter, Tanja Koller - MCA
Leslie, Isabella and Colin Alpert - DA
Thanks to Alex Lee, Brian Robrigado, and Riona Lee, the few friends that I know (and have left!) that will play this game. - DL
My Mom, Diane, for always being there for me. Heather Wagenbach, Telka Curtis, Kevin Bellardi, & Johnathan Hayter for helping me unwind after work. - DM
For the love of Irma, always remembered. Thanks to Mom and Dad. - EL
Kaili, Sage, Chase and Raine for being the bestest group of girls and leaving the porch light on. - FK
To Ana, and Kai. - JS
Erica Wolfsen, Suki, Sesame, Tim Cain, Colin McComb, Dave Taylor - JES
To the love of my life, Lacey; my sweet Fallout baby, Isabelle; my little Italian Ma, Jamie; and my big brother Sam. I love you all! Jer 29:11 - JG
My dad, Milt, for everything, especially the C64 that started it all. Also Brian, Neko, Darwin, and Kali. - JF
Shan-Shan Fu, the Brimstone Fellowship, Elton D. Ammons III (in memoriam) - JS
Thanks to Angie, my lovely and only. I promise it won't be a Vegas wedding. MFP forevers! - JG
Thanks to my girls Erica, Abigail and Sophia. And to G. Eichler and I. Thomason for the wood pallet, our physics sounds wouldn't be the same without it. - JB
To Mike C. Altamirano, the Dennis Wong Family, Uncle Z-Francis Mao, Tim Donley, John Morgan, & Dennis Presnell - thanks for the support, and inspiration! - KW
Thanks to my beautiful wife Emilia for the patience and understanding, and the entire Liberty clan for the love and support - LL
Bryan Morse, Colin Koestler, Amanda Sauter, Nick and Kare, my family and Owyn - MP
Thanks to my beautiful wife, Stacey, for understanding my passion (and my long hours...) and Ken for helping to put me on this path of doom. - MB
My wife for putting up with me, my brother for getting me into RPGs, my mother for her creative wit, and my father for making me the stoic philosopher I am today. - RL
To Jeanne. Thank you for everything. - SD
Todd Van Elsacker, Mike Williams, Andy Clayton, Nick Marks, Toli Carter - southwest
My family - blood is not the only bond!, all my carnales, the OB crew & the ladies of LHH - TKT


Super mutants



Additional Voices

Voice Production and Music

Celebrity Acquistion, Casting and Voice Production


Casting and Production Supervisor

Timothy "Cubby" Cubbison

Production Associates

Austin "Discotech" Snyder
Poppy Orphanides

Additional Casting

Brenda Marie "CTU" Phillips

Voice Directors

Wes "Sweet as you like, my dear" Gleason
Sam "Regal Sam" Riegel
Philip "I'll shit on your lunch" Bache
Harry Buerkle
Timothy Cubbison

Dialogue Recordists

Will "Huh?" Volkmann
Zach Tison
David Veneziano
Mark De La Fuente
J. David Atherton

Voice Production Coordinators

Clint "Poker Star" Corley
Lucas "Mikey's doppleganger" Hirl
Brenda Marie Phillips
Charlie Silver
Chad Quandt
Stephen Leonard

Dialogue Editors

J. David Atherton
Harrison Deutsch
Chris Candio
Andrew Mezzi
Iryna Kucherenko
Will Volkmann
Aaron Seiden
Charlie Silver
Greg Sais
Michael Patterson
John Chominsky
Matthew Brown
Erik Foreman
Rob Ellenberg
Bawo Ijirigho
Jacob Craner

Production Intern

Alex Lifschitz

Original Music Composed & Produced by

Inon Zur


Joel Pargman
Carrie Kennedy
Luke Maurer
Timothy Loo

Additional Music

Mark Morgan

Based on Fallout 3

By Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda Softworks

Senior Producer

Jason "loonyboi" Bergman
"You should be getting an achievement about now, but we ran out."

Associate Producer

Will "Barely" Noble

Technical Director

Jonathan Williams


Vlatko Andonov

VP of Development

Todd Vaughn

VP of Sales

Ron Seger

VP of PR/Marketing

Pete Hines

Senior Brand Manager

Regi Jacob

Director of Marketing

Steve Perkins

Director of PR

Tracey Thompson

Senior Community Manager

Matt Grandstaff

Community Manager

Nick Breckon

Graphic Design

Lindsay Wescott
Michael Wagner

Senior PR Coordinator

Angela Ramsey

Video Producer

Matt Killmon

Director of Quality Assurance

Darren Manes

QA Manager

Rob Gray

QA Lead

Andrew Scharf


Sam Bernstein
Joe Mueller
Daniel Ross
Jen “Six String Samurai” Tonon
John Pisano
Michael McGinn
Aaron Mitschelen
Michael Lattanzia
Jason Little
Ian Rogers
Greg Ruddick
Mike Mazzuca
Kurt Weaver
Hal Jenkins
Brent Krische
Terry Dunn
Alan Webb

Additional QA

Brian Bloomfield
James Costantino
Christopher Krietz
Matt Weil
Alec Ahearn
Michael Altman-Lupu
Ken Barner
Nicholas Bonnet
Matt Brauer
Andrew Buscaglio
Max Cameron
Patrick Coleman
George Churchill
Jon DeVriendt
Cory Dornbusch
Colin Egge
Michael Eng
LaDawna Grow
Carlos Guice
Christopher Hayes
Allan Jaffee
Shawn Johnson
Marisa Lyon
Edward McNeil
Michael Onufrak
Matthew Ponton Jr.
Sarah Plotkin
Madeleine Rabil
Michael Reese
Louis Riley
Chris Steidel
Scott Saggio
Michael "Meansonofabitch" Scharf
Dan Silva
Tom Smilack
James Stancil
Christine Smith
Tihana Tresnjak-Smith
Larry Waldman
Philip Wallace
Patrick Walsh
Richard Washburn
Brian Watson
Rob Clark
Jennifer Noland
Ryan Fickes
Cody Wharton
Andre Phillips
Dave Schreiber
Justin Harper
Matt Kelley
Gary Powell

Special Thanks

Ashley Cheng
Jeffery Gardiner
Todd Howard
Mark Lampert
Emil Pagliarulo
Lafayette Taylor

Bethesda Softworks Forum Moderators

Hungry Donner
Kelran Tymus
Princess Stomper

Zenimax Media Inc.


Robert Altman


Ernie Del


Jamie Leder


Cindy Tallent

General Counsel

Grif Lesher


Denise Kidd

Legal Lead

Marcia Mitnick


Diana Bender, Josh Gillespie, Amy Yeung

Human Resources

Tammy Boyd-Shumway, Michelle Cool, Andrea Glinski, Katrina Lang, Valery St. Preux (Administration), Katherine Edwards, Gerard Garnica, Melissa Goolsby, Kattiya Leeawtnakul, Barb Manning, Patti Pulupa, Heather Spurrier, Eric Weis (Vice President), Information Technology, Steve Bloom

Information Technology

Rob Havlovick, Josh Mosby, Joseph Owens, Henning Seljenes, Paul Tuttle, Keelian Wardle

Administrative Assistants

Bernice Guice, Lauren Martinho, Rissa Monzano


Paula Kasey

Office Manager

Angie Clement

Executive Chef

Kenny McDonald

Zenimax Europe Ltd.

European Managing Director

Sean Brennan

European PR Manager

Alistair Hatch

Office Manager

Angie Clement

Operations Coordinator

David Gordon

UK Sales Manager

Gethyn Deakins

Sales Director

Greg Baverstock, Paul Oughton


Greg Hounsom

Operations Manager

Isabelle Midrouillet

European Marketing Coordinator

Natalie Gausden

Assistant PR Manager

Nick Heller

Financial Coordinator

Paul New

European Trade Marketing Coordinator

Rebecca Lindon

European Brand Manager

Rob Bartholomew, Alex Price

Finance Director

Robert Ford

Associate Producer

Ryan Wiltshire

European Marketing Director

Sarah Seaby

European PR Director

Sarah Seaby

Bethesda France

General Manager

Julie Chalmette

Key Account Manager

Gaëlle Gombert

Sales Manager

Yvan Rault

Marketing Manager

Géraldine Mazot

Additional Music Credits

Music Supervision and Clearance

Christopher S. Parker, Brandracket LLC

Bethesda Germany

General Manager

Frank Matzke

Head of Marketing

Marcel Jung

Head of PR

Marcel Jung

Sales Director

Thomas Huber

Office Administrator

Christiane Jauss

Sales Administrator

Christiane Jauss

Licensed Music

New Vegas Radio

Ain't That a Kick in the Head?
Written by Sammy Cahn and James Van Heusen
Performed by Dean Martin
Maraville Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Capitol Records, Inc.
Under license from EMI Film & Television Music
Blue Moon
Written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart
Performed by Frank Sinatra
Used by Permission of EMI Entertainment World, Inc. on behalf of EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Capitol Records, Inc.
Under license from EMI Film & Television Music
Cobwebs and Rainbows
Music by Dick Stephen Walter
Lyrics by J.E. Sawyer
Lyrics published by Bethesda Softworks LLC
Performed by J.E. Sawyer
Courtesy of APM Music
Home on the Wastes
Written by J.E. Sawyer
Performed by J.E. Sawyer and Nathaniel Chapman
Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks LLC
It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
Written by Billy Mayhew
Performed by The Ink Spots
(C) 1936 (Renewed) WB Music Corp. (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Dominion Entertainment Inc.
Jingle, Jangle, Jingle
Written by Joseph Lilley and Frank Loesser
Performed by Kay Kyser
Sony/ATV Harmony (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Columbia Records
By Arrangement with Sony Music Licensing
Love Me as Though There Were No Tomorrow
Written by Harold Adamson and Jimmy McHugh
Performed by Nat King Cole
(C) 1955 Used by Permission of EMI Entertainment World, Inc. on behalf of EMI ROBBINS CATALOG INC. (ASCAP), Harold Adamson Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy of Capitol Records, Inc.
Under license from EMI Film & Television Music
Mad About the Boy
Written by Noel Coward
Performed by Helen Forrest
(C) 1932 Chappell Music Ltd (PRS). All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Soundies Inc.
By Arrangement with DePugh Music
New Vegas Valley
Written by J.E. Sawyer
Performed by J.E. Sawyer and James Melilli
Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks LLC
Something's Gotta Give
Written by Johnny Mercer
Performed by Bing Crosby
(C) 1954 The Johnny Mercer Foundation (ASCAP)
All Rights Administered by WB Music Corp. All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Bing Crosby Enterprises
Under License From South Bay Music Group
Streets of New Reno
Written by J.E. Sawyer
Performed by J.E. Sawyer and Nathaniel Chapman
Courtesy of Bethesda Softworks LLC
Why Don't You Do Right?
Written by Joe McCoy
Performed by Peggy Lee
Used by permission of Morley Music Co. (ASCAP)
"Courtesy of Cassidy Music, LLC"

Black Mountain Radio

Big Iron
Written and Performed by Marty Robbins
(C) 1958 Unichappell Music Inc. (BMI) and Elvis Presley Music, Inc. (BMI)
All Rights Administered by Unichappell Music Inc, Mariposa Music, Inc. (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Columbia Records
By Arrangement with Sony Music Licensing
Hangover Heart
Written by Hank Thompson and Pat Hagen
Performed by Hank Thompson
Used by Permission of EMI Entertainment World, Inc. on behalf of EMI Beechwood Music Corp. (BMI). All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Soundies Inc.
By Arrangement with DePugh Music
Heartaches by the Number
Written by Harlan Howard
Performed by Guy Mitchell
Sony/ATV Tree Publishing (BMI). All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Dominion Entertainment, Inc.
It's a Sin
Written by William Grishaw
Performed by Eddy Arnold
Sony/ATV Milene Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of RCA Records
By Arrangement with Sony Music Licensing
Johnny Guitar
Written by Victor Young and Peggy Lee
Performed by Peggy Lee
(C) 1954 Chappell & Co. (ASCAP) & Denslow Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Geffen Records
Under License from Universal Music Enterprises
Stars of the Midnight Range
Written and Performed by Johnny Bond
Red River Songs, Inc. (BMI)
Courtesy of Soundies Inc.
By Arrangement with DePugh Music

Additional Music Credits

Additional Music Courtesy of APM Music

Opening Cinematic

Opening Cinematic by

Plastic Wax


Chris Vandenheuvel, Dane Maddams

Creative Director

Nathan Maddams


Brenton Goodwin, Dean Wood, Brett Sinclair


Pete Woodley-Page, Luke Sullivan, Ehsan Kiani


Nigel Waddington, Ben Malter


Kieran Ogden-Brunell, Sidney Chen


Jad Haber, Stuart Spoard

Business Development

Kevin Gill



Babel Media

Localization Producer

Isabelle Coulombe

Head of Audio

Adam Chapman

Audio Producer

Sergio Massabò

Senior Audio QA Coordinator

Liam O'Connell

QA Coordinator

Hampus Flink

French Audio Test Team - Audio

Adrien Chastang, Fabien Towlson, Gaël Grelier, Raphael Esterhazy, Floraine Carlot

German Test Team - Audio

Jana Funk, Heike Scharrer, Patrick Richard, Julian Tillmann, Mark Grainger

Italian Test Team - Audio

Francesco Montanini, Simone Della Fornace, Alessandro Tatarelli, Michela D'Auria, Andrea Ceruti

Spanish Test Team - Audio

Jorge Saiz Gonzalez, Margarita Gonzalez, Jose Jimenez, Miguel Oficialdegui Santamaria, Maria Prieto

Senior Localization QA Coordinator

Nicoletta Medeot

French Test Team - Localization

Sylvain Dufour, Floraine Carlot, Pierre Buet

German Test Team - Localization

Valentine Senoner, Mark Grainger, Jonas Hariri

Italian Test Team - Localization

Eugenio Zazzara, Andrea Ceruti, Salvatore Novello

Spanish Test Team - Localization

Jose Blasco, Jonatan Martinez, Adrian Valle Fernandez

Lead French Translator

Claude P. Esmein

French Translation Team

Xavier Kemmlein, David Lucien, Agnès Letourneur, Mickaël Pesquet, Frédéric Dalmasso, Thomas Andre

Lead German Translator

Burkhard Strube (Studio Mühl)

German Translation Team

Andrea Buck (Studio Mühl), Roland Strube (Studio Mühl), Michael Anton (Studio Mühl), Ole Johan Christiansen (Studio Mühl), Christian Meier (Studio Mühl), Markus Krennbauer (Studio Mühl)

Lead Italian Translator

Giovanni Maragno (GMT [Global Multilingual Translations])

Italian Translation Team

Carolina Turrini, Luca Ruella (Amber Translation Team), Luca Ruella (Amber Translation Team), Annalisa Distasi, Tamara Topini, Antonello Izzo, Giuseppe Tangerini, Paola Manca, Simona Caldera, Christina Antoniou Bruschi

Lead Spanish Translator

Diana Díaz Montón (Wordlab Translations)

Spanish Translation Team

Andrés Pérez Cañestro (Wordlab Translations), Jesús Calzado Díaz (Wordlab Translations), Javier Alonso (Wordlab Translations), Ruth García Ordóñez (Wordlab Translations), Pax Martín (Wordlab Translations), Sergio Romero Caballero (Wordlab Translations), María del Mar Aguilera González (Wordlab Translations), Quique Barrasa (Wordlab Translations)

French Recording Studio

Hi‑Fi Genie Productions

German Recording Studio

M&S Music

Italian Recording Studio

Local Transit

Spanish Recording Studio

Pink Noise

Lead Dialogue Post Production Engineer

Michael Dunn

Dialogue Post Production Team

Carlos Boellinger, Peter Wilkinson, Alan Green, Layton Rooney, Durk Kooistra, Andy Selby, Daan Hendriks


  • Uses Havok, Bink Video, Gamebryo software
  • Havok (C) 1999‑2010 Havok.com Inc. [or its licensors]
  • Portions of this software utilize SpeedTree technology
  • SpeedTree technology (C) 2001-2004 Interactive Data Visualization Inc.
  • Bink Video (C) 1997-2009 RAD Game Tools Inc.
  • Gamebryo software (C) 1999-2006 Emergent Game Technologies
  • Facial Animation FaceGen
  • FaceGen from Singular Inversions Inc.
  • FaceGen (C) 2002‑2006 OC3 Entertainment Inc. [or its licensors]