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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel voice actors

FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor an overview of the topic, see Voice actors.
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This page lists all voice actors that performed in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


All voice acting citations are from the Internet Movie Database.[1] Fallout: BoS is the first Fallout game to not feature the introduction voice-acted by Ron Perlman, who is famous in the Fallout series for the line, "War...war never changes." The narrator of this game is Tony Jay, the Lieutenant from Fallout.


Image Actor Voiced character
Dee Bradley Baker.jpg Dee Bradley Baker Ching Tsun
Michael Bell.jpg Michael Bell Vault Dweller, Cain, Nightkin, Super Mutants
Earl Boen.jpg Earl Boen Ghoul officer, Richard, CALIX
Brian george.jpg Brian George Chief vault scientist, Tesla robot, Dubois, Service robot, Hieronymous, Salieri
Cam Clarke.jpg Cam Clarke Vault Man, Patrol, Plasma, kamikaze robot
Grey DeLisle.jpg Grey DeLisle Nadia, Mary, Vidya
Kristakis Gepetto Tutorial computer
Nick Jameson.jpg Nick Jameson Giese, ghoul engineer, Raider, drunk, turret, sentry bot
Tony Jay.jpg Tony Jay Attis, narrator
John Vernon.jpg John Vernon Rhombus, glowing ghoul
John Mariano.jpg John Mariano Armpit, Carbon bartender, ghoul psycho user, raider torch, soldier
Vanessa Marshall.jpg Vanessa Marshall Raider Matron, Ruby
Alan oppenheimer.jpg Alan Oppenheimer Jesse, Harold, Cult ghoul thug, soldier, Kamikaze, wasteland trader
Kevin Michael Richardson FBoS voice actor Cyrus.jpg Kevin Michael Richardson Cyrus, Blake, soldier, mutant grunt
B. J. Ward.jpg Betty Jean Ward Shop-Tec, Raider Lieutenant, Patty