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Fallon's Department Store

Fallon's Department Store is a location in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. It is located near Milton General Hospital, south of Fairline Hill Estates, and west of West Roxbury station. The store was the flagship store for Fallon's before the Great War.[1]



You can access this impressively vast department store from the heinous trap-festival funhouse (the parking lot to the north) or the concrete steps that lead from the ground to the roof entrance (the roof has a generator with a Fusion Core to grab). There are two entrances at street level, too.
Inside, prepare for combat with large green foes. Grab the magazine and search the trunk on the top floor, and don’t forget to check the basement level—the remains of a jewelry store—to access a button near a Railroad sign. It opens a hidden bookcase in the southwest corner. Pry open six safes. Or just use the key in the toolbox if you’re out of bobby pins or patience. Don’t leave without heading to the Level 2 “Employees Only” storage room (Novice) on the west wall; there’s an Eyebot model kit to take on the shelves near the Protectron and terminal (Novice).
Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map


The basement has the remains of a well-looted jewelry store, with six safes in a hidden room accessible by hitting a button under the corner of the central sales desk. A Protectron is in the southwest corner. The first floor has exterior entrances in the southeast and northwest, a lighting store in the east central section, a clothing store to the west, and bathrooms to the north.

The second floor has a kitchen area on the east side, a bathroom showcase on the west side with a Protectron in a locked room next to it, and a cafe and some bathrooms at the north end. The third floor consists of a clothing store to the west and a bar to the north. A Protectron is in the southeast corner.

A distress signal radio broadcast originates from the jewelry department in the basement. Extending the satellite dishes at relay tower 0SC-527 is required to hear this signal.


  • Over 50 clothes hangers - Found throughout the store.
  • Over 50 shopping baskets - Found throughout the store.
  • Fallon's storage key - In the basement. In the middle of the level inside a square made of counters is a Master-locked safe, with a Railroad sign behind a counter next to it pointing up and to the right. Next to that sign under the counter to the right is a button that will open a secret cache to the southwest. A toolbox in the secret room contains this storage key, which will open all six safes in the room.
  • A Stealth Boy - On the first floor in the southwestern section, in a locked booth. Also lootable from an adjoining booth.
  • An Eyebot Model Kit - On the second floor in the western section, in a Novice-locked closet with a Protectron pod. The closet door is marked "Employees Only."
  • La Coiffe issue #1 - On the third floor in the heptagon-shaped room, near a steamer trunk.
  • A bottlecap mine - On the third floor south of the heptagon-shaped room, in a small room.
  • A fusion core - On the roof. It can be found by using the ladder/hatch in one of the third-floor closets. It can also be directly accessed from the outside of the building by ascending the stairs along the northern exterior. The door is marked "Restricted Area."
  • Creation Club Ten Santa costumes and ten Sexy Santa costumes - In a shipping container at the back of the store.
  • Creation Club Shipment of decorations - In a shipping container at the back of the store.
  • Creation Club Shipment of toys - In a shipping container at the back of the store.

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Companion comments

  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at two locations: by the escalators and by the fountain.
Character Comment
Cait "What's with these weird metal stairs?"
"How come these things never have statues of naked blokes?"
Codsworth "Ah, I do so miss shopping expeditions."
"This fountain is quite the visual respite."
Curie "Oh, shopping!"
Danse "I believe this automated staircase was used to convey individuals from one floor to the next. The epitome of laziness."
"This fountain is just another example of the waste and excess of pre-war America."
Deacon "Nothing like the smell of commerce."
John Hancock "This some sort of "moving target" thing?"
"Now this is my kinda art."
Robert MacCready "Hurry, I heard they had a two-for-one sale in the men's department!"
"Should I throw a cap in and make a wish?"
Nick Valentine "They really would do anything to avoid walking back then, wouldn't they?"
"I expect all the blood in here's a recent addition."
Piper Wright "Bet this was where all the fashionable folks of Boston came in its day."
"Was there a ban on depicting anything other than an old general, a lion, or an angry-looking naked lady back then?"
Preston Garvey "Just look at this place... How many clothes did people need back in the old days?"
"A little over the top, don't you think?"
X6-88 "Maybe we should install these in the Institute. They look useful."
"It must have been quite a chore to keep this communal drinking basin clean."


Fallon's Department Store appears in Fallout 4.


Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One When wearing power armor, it is possible to get stuck on the counter directly above the button that opens the secret basement room. The only way to escape is to revert to a previous save. [verified]