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Fallon's (General Atomics Galleria)

Fallon's is a pre-War part of the Fallon's department store chain, located inside the General Atomics Galleria.


Fallon's is a pre-War department store franchise that generally specialized in women's fashion. Billboards and advertisements for the chain can be found throughout the Commonwealth. Other Fallon's locations in the region include the flagship West Roxbury station Fallon's Department Store, Fallon's Basement in the Diamond City market, a kiosk in Faneuil Hall, a location in Concord, and a branch near Monsignor Plaza.


The store is comprised of a few rooms, tended to by a Mister Handy named Reg. Upon entering the store, he will tell the Sole Survivor that the store is in perfect order and that he has spent years working on getting it that way. He then tells them that they shouldn't touch anything.[1]

If anything in the store is moved in any way by the player character, Reg will become hostile and attack. At this point, the Sole Survivor can defend themselves without any repercussions.[2] Once the player character initiates the Grand Opening of the Galleria, Reg will allow all items to be moved or be removed from the building without adverse effect.


Fallon's General Atomics Galleria location appears only in Fallout 4.



  1. Reg:"Who's there? Are you... are you a customer? Now you listen here. Every single item in this store is exactly where it belongs. Exactly. It's taken me years to get it all in order! You can look if you want. But Don't. Touch. Anything."
    (Reg's Dialogue)
  2. Reg: "Aagh! You've ruined it!"
    (Reg's Dialogue)