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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Caravan driver.

{100}{}{You see the Fargo Traders Caravan Driver.}
{101}{}{Hi, if you're wantin' a job on a caravan, you should talk to Rutger. He's just over there.}
{102}{}{You're gonna need to talk to Rutger.}
{103}{}{So you signed up. Good to hear it. So ya know, we leave just about every ten days. That's the 8th, 18th, and 28th of each month. Right now we're making runs to The Brotherhood, Junktown and the LA Boneyard.}
{104}{}{So what's the pay?}
{106}{}{You'll get 400 hubbucks. You might be sayin' that it ain't that much, but we go out often and you ain't gonna lose your life that easy. But you get that pay going each way, not that you have to go each way, but you'll get a total of 800 if you do. }
{107}{}{ We're headin' out today. You interested?}
{108}{}{ We take off on }
{111}{}{. You interested?}
{112}{}{I'll still give you a job, even though... never mind. Are you interested?}
{113}{}{Sure. }
{118}{}{Alrighty. Not a problem. Just let me know if you change your mind.}
{119}{}{Would you just make up your mind?}
{120}{}{Come back by if you end up looking for something to do. That's the 8st, 18th, and 28th. Bye.}
{121}{}{Uh, it ain't gonna work if you can't tell your right foot from your left. Sorry big guy.}
{122}{}{Head on back when your feeling better.}
{123}{}{Man, you don't seem to be doing well. You should get something in your stomach, just stay clar of Bob's.}
{124}{}{Get on out of here!}
{125}{}{Couldn't just leave my stuff alone, could you? Why did you do it?}
{126}{}{Cuz I'm a mean green moth'a from outer space, and I'm... 'bad'!}
{127}{}{I didn't want to, but I'm starving and I have kids to feed.}
{128}{}{I'll carve your heart out with a spoon! }
{131}{}{So you just spit in my face huh? I guess the only way to get this through your thick skull, is to remove it from that neck of yours.}
{132}{}{Fine, but that don't make it right. You still are gonna have to get out of here.}
{133}{}{You think I'd believe that crap? Guards!}
{134}{}{Maybe putting you in the tank will give you a better set of manners. Are you gonna come quietly, or are we going to have to do this the hard way?}
{135}{}{I'll see you in hell!}
{136}{}{Yes. I'm sorry.}
{137}{}{So you're a tough guy, huh? Just lookin' for another fight?}
{138}{}{If you don't get out of here, I'm gonna call the cops!}
{139}{}{Guards! Police!}
{140}{}{I think you should leave..}
{141}{}{Sorry, but I ain't gonna offer you a job.}
{142}{}{I'd love to give you a job, but it's just not gonna happen.}
{144}{}{Pretty cute, but I'm not really into your kind.}
{145}{}{Well OK then! It'll pay 400 hubbucks. Which route would you prefer?}
{146}{}{Great to hear. Come back by on }
{152}{}{Brotherhood of Steel }
{153}{}{. You'll be headin' out then. Like always it'll pay 400 hubbucks.}
{155}{}{Sorry, can't wait.}
{156}{}{Not sure what happened, but the whole caravan was lost. Funny thing for something like that to happen, and for you to be the only one left standing? Things don't generally fall that way. I just don't think I can hire you anymore because of it. I'm sure you understand why.}
{158}{}{LA Boneyard }
{159}{}{Um, not right now. Maybe another time.}
{160}{}{Good to hear, I'll round up the rest of the crew.}
{162}{}{Get on out of here. Good luck!}
{163}{}{Try to avoid trouble, don't go lookin' for it.}
{164}{}{You be careful out there, the Boneyard ain't the safest of places..}
{165}{}{That's good. Those black walkways are really strange, but they're great to travel on.}
{166}{}{They definitely got a bad element out that way. I'd watch who you deal with while down that way.}
{167}{}{Great. Junktown ain't a bad place.}
{168}{}{Oh, and stop on by Killain, and tell him 'Hi" for me. Man, the times we used to have on the caravans.}
{169}{}{Hear some odd doctor is out that way. Deals in the dead, so they say.}
{170}{}{What in the hell were you thinkin leaving that caravan. It came back safe, but that was pure damn luck.}
{171}{}{Can I have another chance?}
{173}{}{I don't give a crap!}
{174}{}{Ig wa neeka rooola?}
{176}{}{You screwed it up again. You just can't seem to handle this line of work.}
{177}{}{Why should I?}
{178}{}{You shouldn't.}
{179}{}{Because I'm going to put a hole through your head if you don't.}
{180}{}{I had better things to do than hang around some dumb caravan.}
{181}{}{I didn't know I wasn't allowed to leave. Everything seemed okay.}
{182}{}{I see... you where on chems. Well, live that life if you wish it.}
{183}{}{I'm sorry you feel that way.}
{184}{}{Surprisin' that you ain't done this before. Since that's the case, it ain't gonna harm anyone if I give you another chance.}
{185}{}{You did a good piece of work. You want to sign up for another?}
{191}{}{Got all you're gear? We're going out today.}
{195}{}{Otherwise I'll just give it to someone else, don't worry about it. You're not obligated... until you leave with the caravan, right?}
{196}{}{Next caravan ain't runnin' until }
{203}{}{. Head on back here if you still want the job. }
{204}{}{January }
{205}{}{February }
{206}{}{March }
{207}{}{April }
{208}{}{May }
{209}{}{June }
{210}{}{July }
{211}{}{August }
{212}{}{September }
{213}{}{October }
{214}{}{November }
{215}{}{December }
{216}{}{Brotherhood of Steel, here we come! Well… I'm not going with you, but you know what I mean.}
{217}{}{Okay, get out of my face already. Those Brotherhood fanatics are waiting for you.}
{218}{}{I hope you like mountains! You're going right into them. You should see lots of action there.}
{219}{}{Ready to go, and you'll be heading straight though the mountains! It should be a blast!}