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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Maltese Falcon bartender.


{100}{}{You see the Bar Tender.}
{101}{}{Yeah, whadda ya want?}
{105}{}{Whatever will get me smashed the quickest.}
{108}{}{If ya' don't have the caps, get the hell out!}
{109}{}{Suit yerself.}
{110}{}{I think you've had enough, buddy.}
{111}{}{I think you've had enough, lady.}
{112}{}{Yeah . . . well beat it.}
{113}{}{That'll be two caps.}
{115}{}{No, thanks.}
{116}{}{That'll be five caps.}
{118}{}{That'll be ten caps.}
{119}{}{Hmmm, for one of your size . . .}
{120}{}{ }
{121}{}{ ten}
{122}{}{ twenty}
{123}{}{ thirty}
{124}{}{ forty}
{125}{}{ fifty}
{126}{}{ sixty}
{127}{}{ seventy}
{128}{}{ eighty}
{129}{}{ ninety}
{130}{}{ one hundred}
{131}{}{ caps ought to do it.}
{132}{}{Great! That'll be }
{133}{}{ caps again.}
{134}{}{Keep them comin'.}
{135}{}{Never mind.}
{136}{}{Here. (The bartender slides you a dirty tin cup full of some}
{137}{}{ murky water. After drinking the water, you have a strange}
{138}{}{ taste in your mouth.}
{139}{}{Here. (The bartender slides you another cup full of the same}
{140}{}{ murky water, and after you drink it, you're reminded as to}
{141}{}{ how strange it tasted the last time . . .}
{142}{}{This should be amusing . . . (The bartender keeps them coming and}
{143}{}{ you lose count. After a while you hear a muffled thump, then}
{144}{}{ you realize you're lying on the floor, face down . . .}
{145}{}{Here we go again . . . (The bartender lines them up while everyone}
{146}{}{ around the bar chants . . .}
{147}{}{ . . .}
{148}{}{ . . .}
{149}{}{ . . .}
{150}{}{ (Soon everything begins to fade . . .)}
{151}{}{Didn't think you looked like someone that could hold their}
{152}{}{ liquor.}
{153}{}{That's a shame. We were all looking forward to seeing you}
{154}{}{ 'perform' again.}
{155}{}{Aww . . . you're not going to show us your 'stuff' again? Well}
{156}{}{ okay, here's your beer. Anything else?}
{157}{}{Are you sure you can resist the temptation? You were quite an}
{158}{}{ act the last time. Well, here you are. (The bartender hands}
{159}{}{ you a liquor bottle.) Anything else?}
{160}{}{Here you are. (The bartender hands you a beer bottle.) Anything}
{161}{}{ else?}
{162}{}{Get me smashed again!}
{163}{}{Here you are. (The bartender hands you a liquor bottle.)}
{164}{}{ Anything else?}
{165}{}{You have a very bad taste in your mouth.}
{166}{}{You think your head is about to explode.}
{167}{}{You see a Craps Dealer.}
{168}{}{You see a Roulette Dealer.}
{169}{}{You see a slot machine.}
{170}{}{You notice that the odds don't seem quite right.}
{171}{}{You think the dice are loaded.}
{172}{}{You think the table's rigged.}
{173}{}{Place your bets. }
{174}{}{5 caps.}
{175}{}{15 caps.}
{176}{}{25 caps.}
{177}{}{50 caps.}
{178}{}{No thanks.}
{180}{}{Sorry, but you're in no shape to place any bets. (You look at}
{181}{}{ the game and are thoroughly confused.}
{182}{}{Sorry, better luck next time.}
{183}{}{Winner! (You push.)}
{184}{}{Winner! (You get double your money.)}
{185}{}{Winner! (You get triple your money.)}
{186}{}{You've got to have the money to play, pal.}
{187}{}{You've got to have the money to play, lady.}
{188}{}{You notice that the odds seem about right.}
{189}{}{(How much money do you put in?)}
{190}{}{1 cap.}
{191}{}{2 caps.}
{192}{}{3 caps.}
{193}{}{4 caps.}
{194}{}{5 caps.}
{196}{}{(You don't know what to do with it, but it sure looks pretty.)}
{197}{}{(You lost.)}
{198}{}{(You push.)}
{199}{}{(You get double your money.)}
{200}{}{(You get triple your money.)}
{201}{}{(You don't have enough money.)}
{202}{}{You currently have }
{203}{}{ caps. How many would you like to bet?}
{204}{}{ Do you want to play again?}