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Erik Jamison is one of the founding character artists brought in to 3D Scan, Texture, and Animate the Talking interactive character sequences for the original Fallout games at Interplay/Black Isle.


Teamed closely with Leonard Boyarsky and Scott Rodenhizer, Erik took the sketched reference and sculpted figure heads to create the living face-to-face characters where your speech choices, mixed with your skill stats, determined the developing story and outcome of the Fallout RPG game.

Compiling video references from the voice actor's choicest in-studio performances, the inhabitants grew to become formidable characters in a method that quickly evolved to become industry-standard for facial motion capture; still ripe with opportunity for artistic enhancement and embellishments.

Erik developed this new technique in his next projects: Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury, Titanic (film), Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy VIII & IX, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within (film), Area 51, and Gladiator: The Crimson Reign for the hordes that followed Interplay.

Employment history

19931997InterplayLead 3D Character Artist
19972000Square LA / ENIXSenior Animator, Lead 3D Artist
20002005Midway Games / AtariArt Director


Fallout series

1996Fallout3D Head Animator, Artist
1997Fallout 23D Head Animator

Other work

1998StarTrek:Vulcan Fury
Parasite Eve
Final Fantasy VIII & IX
Chocobo Racing
Lead 3D Character Artist
Lead 3D Character Artist
Senior 3D Artist
Senior Animator
2001Area 51, Gladiator seriesArt Director