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Eric Rice was the president and CEO of HalluciGen, Inc. prior to the Great War.


In the third financial quarter of 2077, HalluciGen, Inc. experienced a massive net operating loss of $1.8 billion, and Rice was quoted with an optimistic outlook of turning a profit within the next two years.[1] In order to keep up appearances and avoid losing federal contracts, Rice commanded his subordinate Paul to make their financials "shine" in any way possible.[2] The result was a staggering reversal, with the company listed as earning $1.1 billion in profits instead. Rice's statement was revised to credit their long-term contracts and rising demand for their products in the future.[3]

On October 25, 2077, Rice was scheduled to - among other events - meet with Colonel Thomas Nelson to discuss the company's involvement in the SCYTHE Program.[4]


Eric Rice is mentioned only in Fallout 4.