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Hey, Louie! You ever seen what one of these babies does to soft tissue? Watch!

Enclave patrolmen are a component of the forces around Navarro.


Equipped with advanced power armor, the soldiers are hostile to the Chosen One. Under Proposition 312, they have standing orders to eliminate all illegal aliens in Enclave territories.[1] They patrol in squads of three to nine soldiers and are heavily armed with various energy weapons.



Wearing advanced power armor will not stop the patrols from attacking.


Enclave patrolmen appear only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

Enclave patrolmen reference the main quest of Fallout.[2]


  1. Enclave patrolmen: "You're an illegal alien on Enclave territory. Proposition 312 orders us to shoot on sight. Sorry, boy!"
    (Enclave patrolmen's dialogue)
  2. Enclave patrolman: "{204}{}{Now I suppose you're going to tell me you're just out looking for a water chip. Do I look dumb? Get him!}"