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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Willy, special weapons trader around Modoc.


{100}{}{A salesman.}
{102}{}{A slick traveling salesman.}
{103}{}{Greetings friend, my name is Willy and have I got a deal for you. [He seems to be reading from a card, and after a while you doze off.]}
{105}{}{[You groggily open your eyes as you finally notice that someone is kicking you.] Well, are you interested or not?}
{106}{}{Interested in what?}
{108}{}{Why, it slices it dices and it'll also come in handy against pesky critters. A bargain at any price, but for you it's on special for only }
{109}{}{Why it's made of only the finest wood around. Use it to jab at critters to keep them at bay or, f you're skilled enough, throw it. It's very aerodynamic and won't break on impact. What do you say? It's a steal at only }
{110}{}{This weapon is made of the finest recycled steel. Just feel how that fits comfortably into your hand. And don't worry, our engineers have tested it for safety and reliability. No robber in his right mind would dare try to steal from if you wave this baby around. And it'll only set you back }
{111}{}{This little gem is truly one of a kind. From the far reaches of... It works by pointing it like- Look, I don't know what the hell this is. You want it or not? The price is }
{112}{}{This little dandy just screams. "Don't mess with me!" The mere sight of it will send your enemies running. A bargain at }
{113}{}{I can tell you're the type of person that likes to get close up and personal when dealing with riff raff. Well this little doohickey is just what you need, and it'll only cost you }
{114}{}{I'll take it.}
{115}{}{I'll pass.}
{116}{}{Yes indeedy, you won't regret this. It was nice giving you the business. See you around.}
{118}{}{Shit! What a waste of my time. Go on, beat it!}
{120}{}{Well, that was a wasted speech]]. $} #continue on 152
{123}{}{Hey, it's you again. I got some new stuff - you interested?}
{124}{}{Sure, let's hear what you got.}
{125}{}{Not a chance, Willy.}
{128}{}{Beat it! I'm busy.}
{129}{}{Come back when you got some money.}
{130}{}{GO AWAY!}
{131}{}{No refunds.}
{132}{}{No exchanges.}
{133}{}{No credit.}
{134}{}{Go away, I'm busy.}
{135}{}{Not a smart move.}
{137}{}{Is this supposed to get me to lower my prices?}
{138}{}{All right, I'll lower the prices.}
{139}{}{How about a 20% discount?}
{140}{}{How about a 40% discount?}
{141}{}{How about an 80% discount?}
{142}{}{Okay, FREE; here, take it!}
{152}{}{. You want it or not?}