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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the nomad shaman random encounter.


{100}{}{A nomad.}
{101}{}{Nomad shaman.}
{102}{}{The strong smell of herbs cling to this one's clothing.}
{103}{}{Hello, stranger. I am the tribe shaman. I am skilled in the art of healing.}
{104}{}{Hello again.}
{105}{}{I am in need of healing.}
{106}{}{Can you combine the xander root and the broc flower?}
{109}{}{Be still and I will examine you.}
{111}{}{I have found these afflictions.} #continue at 136
{112}{}{Can you help me?}
{113}{}{I can perform the following for a price:} # continue at 140
{114}{}{Please extract the poison from my body.}
{115}{}{Please heal me.}
{116}{}{See what you can do for my broken limb.}
{118}{}{Your have been healed.}
{119}{}{You have been healed.}
{120}{}{You have been healed.}
{121}{}{I am in need of more of your skills.}
{122}{}{Thank you; I feel much better. Bye.}
{123}{}{My skills are limited, and I cannot help you any further in this area.}
{125}{}{You do not require this type of healing.}
{127}{}{Ahh...You are familiar with the healing properties of these two plants. It will only cost you} # continue at 150
{128}{}{Please combine the two plants for me.}
{129}{}{Maybe later, bye.}
{130}{}{[You watch as he carefully crushes and combines the two plants, and then hands you precisely measured doses of the powder.]}
{132}{}{You seem to be short on cash. Return later when your purse is fatter.}
{134}{}{I do not have time for such nonsense. Leave!}
{140}{}{Cure poison,}
{141}{}{Fix crippled limbs,}
{142}{}{Healing $}
{144}{}{Why do you attack us?}
{145}{}{I will defend the tribe with my life!}
{146}{}{How dare you violate our hospitality.}
{147}{}{Be gone!}
{148}{}{Leave us.}
{149}{}{We are a peaceful tribe.}
{150}{}{and I will combine the two for you.}