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Dynamite is a high explosive weapon, either placed or thrown.


Dynamite is nitroglycerin-soaked absorbent, pressed into sticks. It is available in single sticks with safety fuses, to be lit and thrown, or as bundles with a timing device for use as a bomb. Dynamite is especially helpful for clearing cave-ins, and can blow most doors apart.


Image Name Game
| Fo1 Dynamite.png Dynamite | | Fallout 2

F76WL Dynamite.png | Dynamite | Fallout 76


| Fo1 Dynamite.png Dynamite | | Fallout

| Dynamite (Fallout New Vegas).png Dynamite | | Fallout: New Vegas

F76WL Dynamite bundle.png | Dynamite bundle | Fallout 76


| Long-fuse dynamite.png Long Fuse Dynamite | | Fallout: New Vegas

| TimeBombFNV.png Time Bomb | | Fallout: New Vegas

| TimeBombFNV.png Time Bomb, High Yield (Mad Bomber) | | Gun Runners' Arsenal