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Doc Amalee is a deceased member of the Good Fighters in the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 4.


Amalee, as one of the newest members of the group, was often overly enthusiastic and even naive. The only mention of what she did before joining the Good Fighters is that she had to resort to drugging people to get "DNA swabs." She was immediately skeptical of Dave Perkins' claim that Aqua Pura is not as pure as it claims to be, doubtful that people would lie on the label. When Dave explained that it would be contaminated by radiation in the air upon unscrewing the cap, Amalee dismissed this and stated that the level of contamination would still be safe.

Amalee was also excited about Scratch being a part of the team, having never treated a friendly mutant before. Phil Goodman told Amalee that plans were being made to clear some of the rubble in the building so that she could have her own clinic, which would have been good timing, given the arrival of Mercy. Amalee remarked that she could patch her wounds but couldn't treat her amnesia, because the brain "doesn't usually respond well to antiseptics." However, the plans for the clinic were put on hold because of the impending attack from Talon Company, who had been hired to siege the GNR building plaza. This frustrated Amalee, but in the end, she was another casualty in the fighting that killed most of the Good Fighters.[1]

Interactions overview

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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Mercenary charmer dress and helmet Doc Amalee's logs


Doc Amalee appears only in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Capital Wasteland Mercenaries."