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Dobson O'Gill was an employee of the H&H Tools Company.


Dobson is the object of two fellow employees' affection, both Alan Dalton and Jenny DeSoto. In her terminal entries, Jenny makes an excuse to avoid hanging out with Alan, subsequently inviting Dobson over instead. Unbeknownst to her, Alan and Dobson were also romantically involved, with Alan mentioning to Dobson that Jenny was busy, also inviting Dobson over.[1][2]

Dobson is also contacted by the two of them on business-related topics. Jenny says she would ask Dobson about his inklings regarding RobCo Industries' sudden and aggressive stock acquisition, as Dobson's brother is a private investigator with corporate experience.[3] Although Jenny does not send the email, Alan does, asking what Dobson thinks and mentioning that he thinks there must be something personal between the two CEOs.

Despite Alan and Jenny both contacting Dobson, he did not reply to either of their messages, sending only one outgoing note to another employee named Jack Maynard. Previously, Jack had sent him an email gossiping about their CEO, Anthony House, or "Mr. H." Jack was incredulous about recent new rules that were put in place and attempted to commiserate with Dobson. Instead of agreeing or empathizing with Jack, Dobson lashed out, admonished him for writing him "seditious" content in light of the company's current email monitoring.[4]


Dobson O'Gill is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.