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I heard the doctors say I was dead and then they threw my body onto a pile of other bodies.

Private Dobbs is a Private First Class in the U.S. Army found preserved at Sierra Army Depot in Fallout 2.


Described as being dressed in standard military combat armor,[1] Dobbs had the rank of Private First Class in the U.S. Army.[2] He states that he was in a military battle with gunfire, explosions and people dying, but that he had to keep fighting.[3] After a blinding flash, he recalls seeing himself from above and hearing doctors state that he was dead, promptly throwing him onto a pile of dead bodies.[4]

Afterwards, he states that "some men" came by and took his body of a laboratory, where they regenerated his body by submerging it in an experimental Biomed Gel regeneration tank at the Sierra Army Depot.[5][6]


Dobbs can be released from his Biomed Gel tank by using the Bio Storage Control Terminal located on Level 4 of the Sierra Army Depot. After speaking to him, Dobbs will run away before gooifying into a puddle. Inspecting his remains reveals that he had Post-Cryogenic Syndrome.[7]

Interactions overview

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Combat armor Red Ryder LE BB gun


Private Dobbs appears in Fallout 2.


  1. Private Dobbs character description: "A man dressed in standard military combat armor."
  2. Chosen One: "Who are you?"
    Private Dobbs: "I-I'm Dobbs…Private, First Class."
  3. Chosen One: "Can you tell me how you got here?"
    Private Dobbs: "I was in a battle. Yes, a battle. There was gunfire and explosions everywhere. People dying. I was scared but I had to keep on fighting. Then there was this blinding flash."
  4. Chosen One: "What happened next?"
    Private Dobbs: "The next thing I remember was seeing my body as if I was looking down at it from above. I heard the doctors say I was dead and then they threw my body onto a pile of other bodies."
  5. Chosen One: "And then what?"
    Private Dobbs: "Some men came by and took my body to a laboratory. I heard them say something about trying to regenerate my body by immersing it in something called Biomed Gel."
  6. Bio Storage Control Terminal: "[According to the readings, Private Dobbs is alive! He's located in the Experimental Biomed Gel regeneration tank."
  7. Description: "Private Dobbs experiences Post-Cryogenic Syndrome."