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Dennis Presnell is a developer who worked at Interplay Entertainment on Fallout and Fallout 2 and was listed in Special Thanks section of Fallout: New Vegas Wild Wasteland credits. He also worked on Van Buren as an artist.[1]


Dennis Presnell started his videogame career as a game tester at Interplay, and after a little less than two years he became a senior level tester. He then moved on to a designer internship at Black Isle Studios which eventually led him to taking position of an artist. After Black Isle had been closed Dennis joined Obsidian Entertainment.

Employment history

2003PresentObsidian EntertainmentSenior Environment Artist
?2003Interplay Entertainment / Black Isle StudiosArtist


Fallout series

1997FalloutQuality Assurance Tester
1998Fallout 2Quality Assurance Tester
2010Fallout: New VegasSpecial Thanks
-Van BurenArtist

Other work (excerpt)

2004Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance IIArtist

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  1. In fact, I had a few of Black Isle's artists (Aaron Brown, Aaron Meyers and Dennis Presnell) do a test in 2001 or 2002 to see what Fallout would look like in the FR6 engine. Incidentally, they all now work here at Obsidian. - Feargus Urquhart - NMA Developers Profile