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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor the leader of the Underground in the Hub, see Decker.

What I don't understand is how you failed to retrieve the weapon. While information on the EMP device can be extracted from the Reavers, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME, BROTHER! Sometimes... I wonder if you do these things on purpose. Dismissed!

General Dekker became the commanding officer of the Brotherhood of Steel after his predecessor, Simon Barnaky, rushed into battle against Gammorin's Army to avenge Fang Squad in St. Louis.


Before 2198 and his promotion to commanding officer by the elders of the Brotherhood, he served under the command of Simon Barnaky until Barnaky was captured in St. Louis. Dekker claims that Barnaky was a fine general, one of the best, and he had been honored to serve under his command.

Unlike his predecessor, who looked down on tribals and initially treated the Warrior with disdain, Dekker accepts anyone who fights for the Brotherhood, regardless of their background. He has a romantic relationship with Paladin Klotz who works undercover in Cold Water to gather information on raider activity.

General Dekker previously commanded Bunker Gamma, Delta and Epsilon during the battles against Gammorin's Army, the Reaver Movement, and the Calculator.

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

Dekker replaces Barnaky, and serves as the individual who provides the Warrior with missions.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Power armor Avenger minigun
5.56mm round x120
Rusty old monkey wrench


  • "This is war, brother, and war is hell. But take heart - while they will die a delirious, vomiting death, they will do so to help restore civilization from the ashes. Not everyone in the wasteland could be so lucky." – Refering to the treatment of POWs.
  • "What I do not understand is why you chose to destroy the mutants' laboratory equipment. The research towards the problem of mutant sterility could have proven to be a strong bargaining chip in our dealings with the mutant army. Repo Squad has been analyzing what is left of the wreckage, but preliminary reports have so far been worthless. In the future, you might consider putting the Brotherhood's needs over of your destructive impulses. Dismissed!" – Destroyed equipment in Jefferson City's laboratory.
  • "Excellent work, warrior. The robot pieces you retrieved match the device recovered from the raider base in Rock Falls. Our scribes are performing tests on them as we speak. Once we understand how they operate, we'll be able to defeat them more efficiently. Initial analysis indicates that the robot was already severely damaged from a previous fight with Super Mutants. This is confirmed by some of the less jubilant villagers description of the battle and the dried mutant blood we found congealed in some of the mechanical joints. Further inspection revealed that its damaged power supply overloaded causing the explosion. If that class of robot was undamaged, it could easily wipe out ten of those villages without even blowing a gasket." – Retrieved robot parts in Junction City
  • "What I don't understand is how you failed to retrieve the weapon. While information on the EMP device can be extracted from the Reavers, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME, BROTHER! Sometimes... I wonder if you do these things on purpose. Dismissed!" – Debrief after Newton mission
  • "This is it Brother, the final push. Your squad's actions will dictate not only the future of the Brotherhood, but of the very wasteland itself. From here on out, you will have to scavenge supplies on your own. If you do set foot in this bunker again, it will be because the Calculator is no more. Our technicians have secured our nuclear warhead to a vehicle for transport, which will be waiting for you on site. This warhead will be needed to crack an entrance into Vault 0. I know it sounds like overkill, but that Vault is designed to take several direct nuclear hits and our only hope is that a precise nuclear blast directed on the door will do the job. We expect the entrance to be heavily protected, so make sure that your squad is ready for some heavy action. You must ensure that the warhead stays safe until detonate. The Calculator will not give us such an opportunity again. Once you activate the bomb, you should immediately seek worthy shelter; "Duck and Cover" isn't going to cut it this time. Power Armor should help to further aid your survival within the bunker. Remember, you will practically be at ground zero of the resulting nuclear explosion. Be sure to take your anti-radiation medication. It was an honor to work with you, Brother. Dismissed." – Brief before the Cheyenne Mountain mission


General Dekker appears only in Fallout Tactics.