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I'm very proud of you. You're ruthless, an attribute I admire. Kane will give you your payment. I hope you're available in the future.

Decker is a powerful crime boss in the Hub in Fallout. He is the head of the Underground and the Friendly Lending Company.[Pub 1]


Decker operates from the safety of the Maltese Falcon, and seeks to control the entire water distribution business. He is wary of threats to his position, including the Children of the Cathedral, whose attractive preaching and aggressive expansion endanger his operations. Likewise, he also looks for a way to control the Hub Police, whose head, Justin Greene, is less corruptible than his father.

He also presides over the Friendly Lending Company, a loanshark operation managed by Lorenzo, which was recently accused by the Hub Police of extortion.


Head of the Hub Underground, and the true boss of the Hub. Ruthless, cool, cunning, and deadly, he is not a good man to cross.Fallout Official Survival Guide p. 77
Depending on how the player wants to do things, Decker can be a useful contact, or he can be deadly. Decker is the true power in the Hub, and little happens thereof that he is not aware. He is outwardly calm, even placid, and quite patient; he is also quite ruthless. He will, in fact, be willing to hire the player to commit several assassinations. He will also order the player killed, if the player refuses to work for him, but knows too much.Fallout Official Survival Guide p. 95

Interactions overview

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Tell Me About

Query Response
All "Just out the door and to the north. You can't miss it."
Beth "She's in charge of the Weapons Store."
Butch "Amusing. He considers himself the leader of the Far Go Traders. More of a figurehead, actually. He knows better than to interfere with my business."
Caravans, Missing "Something is making the Far Go Traders' caravans disappear. I'd like to know the cause, since it does disrupt a piece of my business."
Cathedral "An annoying organization. Soon they may need a demonstration in the management of power."
Crimson "They used to control the hospital until the Children took over. Now they sit and brood in their warehouse - very strange. You will find them at the northwest end of the Merchant Market."
Daren "He's the head of the Water Merchants."
Deathclaw "Myths and legends. The Death Claw is supposedly a ghost or something."
Decker "You have no need to know anything else about me."
Demetre "He's the head of the Crimson Caravan."
Harold "Harold's been around for some time. He's over in Old Town. A good source for certain types of information."
Heights "Most merchants live there. Simply go west from here."
Jain "She's presently the head of the Children of the Cathedral in the Hub. I've reason to believe that may change soon."
Justin "He's the head of the police. Nice guy, if you like the straight arrow, honest type. Not like his father; now there was a loyal man."
Maltese "My mother, finest woman I've ever known, gave me the idea for this, the finest entertainment establishment in all the Hub."
Market "It's in the center of town."
Master "One of the fabrications of the Children. He's supposedly some minor deity, or something."
Merchants "They control the water. Go to the south end of the Merchant Market, you'll find them there."
Morpheus "Morpheus is the head of the Children of the Cathedral. He resides down in the Boneyard."
Old "Old Town takes up the entire east side. The skags live there."
Thieves' Guild "They steal from the merchants and give to the poor, or some such nonsense. They are inconsequential to me. That old mutant, Harold would know more."


Apparel Weapon Other items
Throwing knife x6 Stimpak


  • Low Intelligence characters may find talking with Decker challenging, and may require the use of Mentats.
  • Upon his death, the Hub Police takes over the Maltese Falcon.


Decker appears in Fallout.

Behind the scenes

According to the Fallout Bible, Decker formed the Underground in 2140.[Dev 1]



  1. Fallout Official Survival Guide p. 77: "Head of the Hub Underground, and the true boss of the Hub. Ruthless, cool, cunning, and deadly, he is not a good man to cross."
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