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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
Check Accuracy Verification: Transcript direct from game files as of 06:53, 8 September 2023 (UTC).

Dialogue for Tyler, leader of a small gang in the Den East Side.



# 0. Look
{100}{}{You see Tyler.}
{101}{}{You see Tyler, the leader of this gang.}

{150}{}{He seems fairly strong.}

# 1. Messed with door.
{200}{}{Hey, don't touch the fucking door.}

# 2. Hostile
{210}{}{Now we finish it.}

# 3. CF: Gang 1 Won.
{220}{}{Told you it would be a piece of cake.}
{221}{}{That was like leading lambs to the slaughter.}
{222}{}{That fucking bitch is finally dead!}
{223}{}{Thanks for the tip, that was sweet.}

# 4. CF: No Show
{230}{}{Were the hell were you?}
{231}{}{Trap my ass! Fucking liar.}
{232}{}{I should gut you right now.}
{233}{}{So much for the plan, asshole.}
{234}{}{You better not have been jerking me around.}
{235}{}{How'd you fuck this one up?}

# 5. CF: Trap Set
{240}{}{You just lead those dumb bastards here and we'll nail them to the wall.}
{241}{}{We're waiting.}
{242}{}{We can't wait all night.}
{243}{}{What are you waiting for? I'm ready for blood.}
{244}{}{Do it already! Don't let them get suspicious.}
{245}{}{Hurry the hell up.}

# 6. Trap = No (From WTG)
{250}{}{Who the hell are you and what do you want?}
{251}{}{So, what do you want this time?}
{252}{}{Metzger sent me.}
{253}{}{I'm here to inspect the church.}
{254}{}{I'll be back.}
{255}{}{Me }

# 7. Metzger sent me (From 6)
{260}{}{What the hell for? His stuff's not going anywhere.}
{261}{}{His crap still hasn't moved an inch.}
{262}{}{Oh, yeah. You're a slaver now, eh? So what did he want? It's not going anywhere - not like it could.}
{263}{}{He wanted me to check it for him.}
{264}{}{Well, he wants to be sure.}
{265}{}{Never mind.}

# 8. Failed 1st speech roll for entrance (From 7)
{270}{}{Sure he did. I've never seen you around here before. Now, beat it.}
{271}{}{Let me in there now, before I have to get angry on your face!}
{272}{}{Look, he had me come into town just to inspect his damn stuff. I could care less.}

# 9. Whatever, go in (From 7, 8)
{280}{}{Whatever, slaver. Just go on in. Does he think it's just going to up and leave?
 Who the hell would want that shit?}
{281}{}{Fuck it. Just go in. Does he think it's just going to up and leave? Who the
 hell would want that shit anyhow?}

# 10. Don't care. (From 8)
{290}{}{Okay, fuck. It's not like I really care. Like you would know what to do with any of that shit anyway.}

# 11. Threaten, failed (From 8)
{300}{}{Beat it, tough guy, before I get angry on Your face.}
{301}{}{Beat it, bitch. Metzger wouldn't have sent a woman anyhow, so take a hike.}
{302}{}{Bitch? I'll show you what this bitch can do.}
{303}{}{Fuck you.}

# 12. Door = Never (From WTG)
{310}{}{Beat it.}

# 13. Me Name (From 6)
{320}{}{That's nice. Me Tyler. Me go bye bye.}

# 14. Dumb (From 6, 18)
{330}{}{Beat it, freak.}

# 15. Enter, no. (From 8, 16)
{340}{}{I don't think so. Now beat it.}

# 16. Metzger Not Known, Search Church (From 6)
{350}{}{Yeah, I bet you are. Who sent you?}
{351}{}{Yeah, you said that already, fuck head. Who sent you?}
{352}{}{Who do you think, moron? Now stop dicking around and let me in.}
{353}{}{The pink panther.}
{354}{}{Okay, you'll regret that.}

# 17. Pink panther (From 16)
{360}{}{The what? Get outta here!}

# 18. Find (From WTG)
{370}{}{Now what the hell does the boss want? Another stupid fucking inspection?}
{372}{}{What now?}
{373}{}{How's it going?}
{374}{}{Sorry, gotta go.}

# 19. Charisma Good (From 18)
{380}{}{Actually, great! Almost forgot - a buddy of mine won it big at the tables and he's sharing the wealth, if you know what I mean.}
{381}{}{Pretty fucking bored. I hate guarding - but, hey, things can't be that bad. A buddy of mine won it big at the tables and he's sharing the wealth, if you know what I mean.}
{382}{}{Big plans, then?}
{383}{}{Sounds like fun.}

# 20. (From 18)
{390}{}{Yeah, he's throwing a party tonight at his place. Should be a blast.}
{391}{}{Yeah, he's throwing a party tonight at his place. Should be a blast. I'd invite you, honey, but it's only for his closest friends.}
{392}{}{Down a few brews for me.}
{393}{}{I understand, thanks. Have fun.}
{394}{}{See ya.}

# 21. Have fun. (From 20)
{400}{}{You better believe it! We're going to drink until we drop!}

# 22. Failed, how are you (From 18)
{410}{}{What the fuck do you care. Beat it.}
{411}{}{Yeah, so-so.}
{412}{}{You trying to annoy me?}
{413}{}{Not bad.}
{416}{}{Beat it.}
{417}{}{Been better.}

# 23. CF: Weakness is still set (From WTG)
{430}{}{Can't wait for that party. Hope he has a few whores there again.}
{431}{}{My buddy really knows how to throw a party.}
{432}{}{Almost party time.}
{433}{}{Party! Wish I was there now.}

# 24. Gang War = Fight (From WTG)
{440}{}{Hey, what's up? Almost time for that party.}
{441}{}{What's up?}
{442}{}{I have some information you might be interested in.}

# 25. Dumb, Gang War = Fight (From 24)
{450}{}{Damn, what the hell's wrong with you today? Lay off the chems.}
{451}{}{Chems are bad for you, man.}
{452}{}{Chems are bad for you, lady.}

# 26. Information (From 24)
{460}{}{Oh, yeah? What's that?}
{461}{}{It'll cost you.}
{462}{}{Lara's planning on hitting this place tonight.}
{463}{}{Wait a minute.}

# 27. Float reward (From WTG)
{470}{}{You fucking earned this. Here's your money. I've been wanting to finish them off
 for a while.}

# 28. It'll cost you (From 26)
{480}{}{Yeah, fuck you. It depends on what it is. You tell me, then I'll decide
 if I pay you anything for it.}
{481}{}{Lara's planning on hitting this place tonight.}
{482}{}{No, sorry.}

# 29. Lara's plan (From 26, 28)
{490}{}{Oh really? So that bitch has got some balls after all? Well, that's worth a $100.}

# 30. Plan 2 (From 29)
{500}{}{Not so fast, slick. Just to be sure, we'll wait until after they show.
 You could be lying to me for all I know. You just be sure they show, and I'll pay you after.}
{501}{}{But I'm a lover, not a fighter.}
{502}{}{Sounds good.}

# 31. Lover (From 30)
{510}{}{Look, I don't give a rat's ass what you are. I'm not giving you a dollar
 until after they show. We'll do the fighting, but you better be sure they show.}

# 32. CF: Can go through door (From WTG)
{600}{}{So, you're the boss's new whipping boy?}
{601}{}{What do ya want?}
{602}{}{What's up with Metzger? Doesn't he trust us anymore?}
{603}{}{You done checking that shit yet?}
{604}{}{Told you Metzger's shit wasn't going anywhere.}
{605}{}{So, you finished in there or what?}
{606}{}{I'm sure Metzger needs you for something. Why don't you run along and check?}
{607}{}{What the fuck's wrong with Metzger? Thinking we're not guarding his shit...}
{608}{}{You still here? Don't you have another little errand to run for Metzger?}
{609}{}{So, you're the boss's new whipping girl?}

# 12. Additional Never Floats
{700}{}{I'm not in the mood.}
{701}{}{Not now.}
{702}{}{I'm busy.}

# New Node 33
{710}{}{The smart ass is back! So you really want in this church? Why? There's nothing in here you'd be interested in.}
{711}{}{Now what the fuck do you want?}
{712}{}{You see this mark on my forehead? Let me the in. Now!}
{713}{}{I'm his new bitch, that's why! If you don't let me in right now, I'll be sure you find yourself at the top of his shit list.}
{714}{}{Look, buddy. Metzger's going to have my hide if I don't inspect everything soon. You know how he gets.}
{715}{}{Non of your fucking business. If the Boss wants his shit checked out, that's what I do. I don't ask questions.}
{716}{}{Never mind.}