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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for slaves in the Slaver's Guild pen.


# 0. Look Primitive
{100}{}{You see a big, primitive-looking man.}
{125}{}{He has cuts and bruises all over his body.}
{150}{}{You see a slender, primitive woman.}
{175}{}{She looks like she's been beaten.}
# 1. Look Nomad
{200}{}{You see a ragged-looking man.}
{225}{}{He doesn't look very healthy.}
{250}{}{You see a woman captive.}
{275}{}{She's filthy and seems to be malnourished.}
# 2. CF: Freed
{300}{}{No hurt, please!}
{301}{}{We leave now?}
{302}{}{No talk. Must run.}
{303}{}{Thank you for help.}
{304}{}{Thank you very much!}
{305}{}{You are a saint.}
{306}{}{What are you doing? We should go.}
{307}{}{Please help us escape.}
# 3. CF: PC is Slaver
{320}{}{You bad!}
{321}{}{We no talk you.}
{322}{}{We get free.}
{323}{}{You no keep us.}
{324}{}{You slaver!}
{325}{}{Why you slavers do this?}
{326}{}{How could you work for these people?}
{327}{}{We're not primitives!}
{328}{}{Don't you have any morals?}
{329}{}{What's going to happen to us?}
{330}{}{What did we do wrong?}
{331}{}{Leave us alone, slaver!}
{332}{}{Don't hurt me!}
{333}{}{Get away from me!}
# 4. CF: PC is Not Slaver
{350}{}{Who you?}
{351}{}{You no slaver.}
{352}{}{You no hurt?}
{354}{}{You help?}
{355}{}{What's going to happen to us?}
{356}{}{Were you captured too?}
{357}{}{We're not primitives!}
{358}{}{Who do these people think they are?}
{359}{}{Please help us!}
{360}{}{Get me out of here.}
# 5. BGF: Not Free
{380}{}{You no keep us here!}
{381}{}{No right!}
{382}{}{We no bad!}
{383}{}{We help?}
{384}{}{Free us!}
{385}{}{No like.}
{386}{}{Bad place.}
{387}{}{Why bad people do this?}
{388}{}{We no slave!}
{389}{}{We do nothing wrong.}
{390}{}{Let go!}
{391}{}{What go on?}
{392}{}{Big noise?}
{393}{}{Who fight?}
{394}{}{What happen?}
{395}{}{Something happen?}
{396}{}{Someone help us!}
{397}{}{Hey! Can't anyone hear me?}
{398}{}{This is wrong!}
{399}{}{We didn't do anything!}
{400}{}{Let us out of here!}
{401}{}{Someone get us out!}
{402}{}{What did we do?}
{403}{}{We didn't do anything.}
{404}{}{We don't deserve this.}
{405}{}{Those bastards!}
{406}{}{Help us!}
{407}{}{Let me out!}
{408}{}{We're not slaves!}
{409}{}{We're not primitives! Let us out of here!}
{410}{}{What's happening?}
{411}{}{Is someone here to save us?}
{412}{}{Over here!}
{413}{}{Help! Don't leave us!}
{414}{}{What was all that shooting?}
{415}{}{What's going on?}
# 7. BGF: Fleeing
{422}{}{Don't stop!}
{424}{}{I'm heading as far away from this place as possible.}
{425}{}{Keep moving!}
{426}{}{Freedom! Freedom at last!}
# 8. Metzger is Dead (From Where to go)
{440}{}{What loud gun noise? What you want?}
{441}{}{Hey! What was all that gunfire? Are the slavers dead?}
{442}{}{Hey! What was all that gunfire? What's going on?}
{443}{}{That was Metzger's nightcap.}
{444}{}{Oh, nothing. Just checking up on you. Bye.}
{445}{}{You are free to go. Metzger's dead.}
{446}{}{You free.}
{447}{}{ friend. He kill Mezgur. You go now.}
{448}{}{ friend. She kill Mezgur. You go now.}
# 9. Metzger is Dead (From 8)
{460}{}{He dead? Me thank you! We leave fast. Bye. You friend.}
{461}{}{What? Metzger's dead? Oh, thank you so much! We better leave before others show up. Thank you again.}
{462}{}{You're welcome. Now get out of here.}
{463}{}{Take care.}
{464}{}{You're welcome.}
# 10. Metzger Dead, Next Times (From Where to go)
{480}{}{What you want?}
{481}{}{What do you want?}
{482}{}{Oh, nothing.}
# 11. Bullet (From 8)
{501}{}{Never mind. You're free to go. Metzger's dead.}
# 12. You Free (From 8)
{510}{}{Wha? Free? Bad men gone? We go now! Thank you. You friend! Bye!}
{511}{}{Free? What? You killed them all? Thank you so much! We'd better leave while we still can. Thank you again, you're a saint!}
# 13. NPC Sold to Slavery (From WTG)
{520}{}{Damn you!}
{521}{}{Rot in hell!}
{522}{}{You'll pay for this.}
{523}{}{Why are you even talking to me?}
{524}{}{Leave me alone.}
{525}{}{I don't want to talk to you.}
{526}{}{How could you?!}
{527}{}{I don't ever want to see you again.}
{528}{}{This isn't going to change things.}
{529}{}{I'll be on my way, if you don't mind.}
{530}{}{Please, just let me leave.}
{531}{}{Just let me be on my way.}
{532}{}{I still don't want to talk to you.}
{533}{}{Leave me alone.}
{534}{}{No chance.}
{535}{}{You think this makes things better?}
# 6. BGF: Just Freed
{600}{}{We go?}
{601}{}{No hurt?}
{607}{}{Did you say free?}
{608}{}{I'm out of here!}
{609}{}{Let's go!}
{610}{}{Everyone! We're free!}
{700}{}{You free the slaves from their pens.}