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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Mom (Fallout 2).


# 0. Look
{100}{}{You see a kindly-looking older woman.}

{150}{}{You see Mom, busily cooking and cleaning.}
{151}{}{You see a robust older woman, with a cheerful smile on her face.}

# 1. Low Intelligence (WtG)
{200}{}{Hello there, I'm Mom. I haven't seen you around here before.}
{201}{}{Hello again. What can Mom do for you?}
{202}{}{Me .}
{203}{}{Mmmm. Ook? Bye bye Mommy.}

# 2. Low IQ more (1)
{220}{}{You already half-ate me out of house and home. Why dontcha find someplace else to hang out for a while? You've eaten here enough today.}
{222}{}{ you sure do look as though you're a might confused. I hate to see a critter suffer. Want something to eat?}
{223}{}{Me full. Mom food good. Bye Mom.}
{224}{}{Me pay?}
{225}{}{Me go. Bye Mom.}

# 3. Pay? (2)
{240}{}{Well, OK. Whatcha got? (Mom reaches for your purse)}
{241}{}{Mom? (you hold out your purse)}
{242}{}{No! Me go. Bye Mommy.}

# 4. No, not really (7,9)
{250}{}{No, not really. I'm sorry. We just have rat-pie, rat-loaf, and spaghetti.}
{251}{}{What'll it be this time around?}
{252}{}{Uh, could I get something without so much rat in it?}
{253}{}{I guess I'll have the rat-loaf.}
{254}{}{I guess I'll have the rat-pie.}

# 5. Not so much rat in it (4)
{270}{}{You could have the spaghetti. It doesn't have too much rat in it - just the sauce, that's all.}
{271}{}{Well, OK, I guess I'll have the spaghetti with rat-sauce.}

# 6. Here's your food (4,5)
{280}{}{I'll get you a nice helping right away. That'll be $10.}
{281}{}{I don't have enough money right now. Let me ask you a question instead.}
{282}{}{$10 for rat? You've got to be crazy. Heck, around the village we charge much more for a nice juicy one. That's a deal.}
{283}{}{Well, OK. Here's your money.}
{284}{}{I think I've changed my mind. Let me ask you a question instead.}
{285}{}{I think I'll come back later. Goodbye.}

# 7. Thanks Mom (6,20)
{300}{}{You have quite an appetite there. I love to see a healthy eater. Will that do it for you?}
{301}{}{Not a chance, Mom. I want seconds.}
{302}{}{Sure will. Let me ask you something, Mom.}
{303}{}{That's it for now. Goodbye, Mom.}

# 8. What's there to do here? (13)
{320}{}{Well, I sure need someone to deliver a meal to Smitty. He's just west of here at the junkyard. Will you do it for me? I'll give you a free meal if you do.}
{321}{}{Sure, I don't mind.}
{322}{}{Let me think about it. In the meantime, let me ask you about something else.}
{323}{}{Uh, sorry, Mom. I can't. Goodbye.}

# 9. Random Food item list (13)
{340}{}{You're in luck. We're having radscorpion stew.}
{341}{}{We're having braised pig-rat.}
{342}{}{We're serving steamed radscorpion tails in drawn butter.}
{343}{}{Cabbage soup is all I've got right now.}
{344}{}{Fresh brahmin fries!}
{345}{}{Pipin' hot gecko pie, comin' up.}
{346}{}{Flank steak.}
{347}{}{Well-marbled molerat.}
{348}{}{Fricasseed floater.}
{349}{}{Filet mignon.}
{350}{}{Medallions of grilled gecko.}
{351}{}{Mantis marsala.}
{352}{}{Molerat manicotti.}
{353}{}{Brahmin en brochette.}
{354}{}{Radscorpion en croute.}
{356}{}{Uh, I'm not sure, but it tastes like chicken.}
{357}{}{Centaur chops, my specialty.}
{358}{}{It's a surprise.}
{359}{}{It's Smeat!}

# 10. Low IQ hand food (3)
{375}{}{Here you go. You look half-starved. (Mom hands you a big steaming plate of delicious smelling food.)}
{376}{}{Tank-u, Mom.}

# 11. Low IQ fed (10)
{385}{}{There you go. I knew you'd enjoy that.}
{386}{}{Mmm, yum yum. Bye, Mom.}

# 12. Sure I'll deliver it (8)
{395}{}{Thanks so much. I'd do it myself but there's nobody to watch the place while I'm gone. Here's Smitty's meal. If I didn't have it brought to him I'm sure he'd forget to eat.}
{396}{}{I'll bring it right over to him.}

# 13. Hello (WtG, 6,7,8,15,18)
{405}{}{I'm so disappointed in you. Poor Smitty had to come get his own meal. Now what do you want?}
{406}{}{Hello there, my name's Mom and I run this place. Got the best food north of New Reno, too.}
{407}{}{What did you want to talk to Mom about?}
{408}{}{You're not my mom.}
{409}{}{Have you heard of a Vault or anyone named Vic?}
{410}{}{What's there to do here in town?}
{411}{}{What do you have to eat here?}

# 14. I'm not your mom (13)
{425}{}{I know that. But everyone calls me that. Heck, I even treat people like they're my kin - long as you obey my rules that is.}

# 15. Rules? (14)
{435}{}{That's right. No stealing, no cursing, and no fighting - not in my shop you don't. 'Cause if'n you do, out you'll go. I like things peaceful here.}
{436}{}{I see. Let me ask you something else.}
{437}{}{That makes sense. See you later, Mom.}

# 16. Vic or Vault? (13)
{445}{}{Well now, there's a Vault City a ways east of here and a little north. And Vic, hmm, lemme think.}
{446}{}{I sure hope you know where Vic is. He's a trader.}
{447}{}{Thanks but that's all I need to know. Bye, Mom.}

# 17. Trader Vic (16)
{455}{}{Trader Vic? Now that rings a bell. Yes, I think he's being held by Metzger for some reason.}
{456}{}{Who's Metzger and where do I find him?}
{457}{}{That's great, Mom. Thanks.}

# 18. Who's Metzger (17)
{465}{}{Metzger's the head of the local Slaver's Guild. He's got all kinds of people locked up in his place. It's right up the street, just north of here.}
{466}{}{Metzger used to be the head of the local Slaver's Guild. He had all kinds of people locked up in his place. But I don't know now - I heard he's been killed.}
{467}{}{Thanks for the information. Let me ask you something else, Mom.}
{468}{}{I need to go take care of some business. Thanks, Mom.}

# 19. Smitty's meal in progress (WtG)
{475}{}{Go on and get that meal to Smitty now.}
{476}{}{I won't help you out until you keep your word.}
{477}{}{Hurry up now.}
{478}{}{Go give Smitty his meal. Hurry up.}
{479}{}{Stop your lollygaging and get that meal to Smitty.}

# 20. Reward (WtG)
{485}{}{That was good work. You must have worked up quite an appetite. I have a real treat for you as a reward. A combination plate of the best darn food I have here, just for you.}
{486}{}{That sounds great! Let me at it!}
{487}{}{Gee, Mom. I don't think I can eat just now, but thanks anyhow. Goodbye.}

# 21. What do you know about that haunted house? (13)
{500}{}{Hmm, don't know much about that. Someone's probably just having a little fun, that's all.}
{501}{}{Has it always been haunted?}
{502}{}{Does anyone use that house?}
{503}{}{I agree. Bye.}

# 22. Started 2 years back… (21)
{520}{}{Started about 2 years back. I heard about the moaning and the spirits and all. Don't believe it myself.}
{521}{}{Two years, huh? Anybody use the place back then?}
{522}{}{Me neither. Thanks.}

# 23. Anyone used it then? (21-22)
{540}{}{One of the boys used to sleep there a few years back. Maybe he knows something.}
{542}{}{Probably not. Bye.}

# 24. Who? (23)
{560}{}{He used to come by and try to pawn stuff. Jewelry mostly. I remember a little gold locket he kept for himself.}
{561}{}{Do you remember his name?}
{562}{}{Locket? Strange. Who was it?}
{563}{}{Let me ask you something else.}
{564}{}{Thanks, bye.}

# 25. Name? (24)
{580}{}{Not sure. Think it was Joseph, Joel or something like that. He's almost 19 now.... A shame, really. I believe he's joined up with some local thugs.}
{581}{}{Thanks. I have another question for you.}
{582}{}{Thanks, bye.}

# 13b. PC Responce line added to node 13
{600}{}{What do you know about that haunted house?}