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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Fred in The Den.


# 0. Look
{100}{}{You see a citizen of the Den.}
{101}{}{You see Fred.}
{102}{}{You see Fred, wearing very fine clothes.}
{150}{}{He seems to be busy thinking about something.}
{151}{}{He seems pretty happy with his fine new threads.}
# 1. Fred B4 Becky's Job (From Where to go)
{200}{}{I'm going to make it big some day.}
{201}{}{Oh, leave me alone. I'm busy.}
{202}{}{The master plan…}
{203}{}{Going to figure it out some day…}
{204}{}{Why do I always lose?}
{205}{}{Tables must be rigged.}
{206}{}{...I'll own my own place some day.}
{207}{}{Going to get nice clothes.}
# 2. Night (From Where to go)
{220}{}{Hey, man! It's late. Leave me alone.}
{221}{}{No, I don't need any company.}
{222}{}{Do you know what time it is?}
{223}{}{I don't have anything.}
{224}{}{Bug me in the morning. I'm tired.}
{225}{}{Beat it.}
{226}{}{No one's home.}
{227}{}{Can't talk. I'm getting ready for bed.}
{228}{}{Hey, lady! It's late. Leave me alone.}
# 3. Paid, Broke Floats (From Where to go)
{240}{}{No more money! Leave me alone.}
{241}{}{There's no work. What am I going to do?}
{242}{}{Don't tell me I owe someone else! Ahh!}
{243}{}{I'm never going to make it big now.}
{244}{}{I'm so broke.}
{245}{}{Oh man, I need some cash.}
{246}{}{I'll never get to buy new clothes now.}
{247}{}{Got to get a new master plan…}
# 4. Covered, Floats (From Where to go)
{260}{}{Thanks for covering for me!}
{261}{}{You're a real life saver.}
{262}{}{I'll have the money for you soon.}
{263}{}{I'll win it big anytime soon!}
{264}{}{You're the first person I'll see when I win big.}
# 5. Covered and Loaned, Floats (From Where to go)
{275}{}{Master plan is in action!}
{276}{}{Thanks for the loan! You're money's in good hands!}
{277}{}{Those tables sure are rough, but don't worry.}
{278}{}{I'll win big some day, thanks to you.}
{279}{}{I'm due any day! I can feel it.}
{280}{}{I'm going to pay you back, I swear!}
{281}{}{I'm going to win it big soon. I can smell it.}
# 6. 1st Time on Job 1 (From Where to go)
{295}{}{Huh? Do I know you? What do you want?}
{296}{}{Why do you keep bothering me? I don't even know you. Go bug someone else.}
{297}{}{I'm here to collect some money you owe someone.}
{298}{}{Never mind.}
# 7. Won It BIG! (From Where to go)
{310}{}{HEY! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! Check out these threads!}
{311}{}{Thanks again.}
{312}{}{Looking very nice.}
{313}{}{You look like crap!}
# 8. Look nice (From 7)
{320}{}{Thank you. Thank you very much! Thanks to you, I have four sets just like these!}
{321}{}{So you won it big after all?}
{322}{}{So, where's my money?}
# 9. Look bad (From 7)
{330}{}{You don't like my threads? You know, I think your right. I don't like them either. Time for some new ones - I can afford it!}
{331}{}{So, you won it big after all?}
{332}{}{Where's my money?}
# 10. Give me money 1 (From 8, 9)
{340}{}{I was getting there! Won't even let me bask in my glory? I worked hard for this you know.}
{341}{}{I know, I'm sorry.}
{342}{}{Screw that. Where's the money I covered you for?}
{343}{}{I don't give a crap. Where's my money?}
# 11. Give me money 2 (From 10)
{350}{}{Fine. Here. [Fred gives you $500] There's a little extra for trusting me. Well, see you later. Thanks again.}
{352}{}{What ever.}
# 12. Covered 1 (From 8-10)
{360}{}{Thanks a lot for covering for me. It really meant a lot to me, to be trusted by a complete stranger. Let me give you this.}
{362}{}{You shouldn't have.}
# 13. Loaned 1 (From 8-10)
{370}{}{I owe you a lot. You trusted me when I was down on my luck. As a small gesture of gratitude I have something for you.}
{372}{}{You shouldn't have.}
# 14. Covered 2 (From 12)
{380}{}{Here. [Fred give you $1000.] I hope this helps. I'm sure you'll find someplace to spend it.}
{381}{}{Sorry, I can't accept this.}
{383}{}{Not really, but I'll take it.}
# 15. Loan 2 (From 13)
{390}{}{Here. [Fred gives you $2000, 5 Fusion Cells, 5 Energy Cells, and a Plasma Grenade.] I hope this helps, at least a little.}
{391}{}{Sorry, I can't accept this.}
{392}{}{Thank you very much.}
{393}{}{Not really, but I'll take it.}
# 16. Refused reward (From 15)
{400}{}{What? Well, okay, if you insist. Thank you so very much. Take good care of yourself.}
# 17. Dumb, beat it (From 6)
{410}{}{What? You doing some strange drug? You don't look like a jethead. Get away from me you freak.}
{411}{}{Beat it!}
# 18. Here to collect (From 6)
{420}{}{What are you talking about? I don't owe anyone anything. Who the hell are you talking about?}
{421}{}{Yea, you said that last time. I don't know what you're talking about? Who's this imaginary person again?}
{422}{}{Becky says you owe her $500}
{423}{}{Becky sent me.}
{424}{}{Rebecca says she lent you $200.}
# 19. Sure she lent me $200 (From 18)
{430}{}{Oh yeah, right. Rebecca lent me $200… Oh, wait. Maybe- ummm…}
{431}{}{She's told me to break your neck if you don't pay.}
{432}{}{Hand it over.}
# 20. Owe $500 (From 18)
{440}{}{Yeah, right. I've never seen that much money before in my life.}
# 21. Becky Swear or Pissed (From 19)
{450}{}{Right! That'll be the day. Becky wouldn't hurt a fly. She sure is pretty though.}
{451}{}{Well, you're wrong, asshole.}
{452}{}{Maybe it was someone else.}
# 22. Remembers money (From 19, 33-35)
{460}{}{Damn. I think your right, but - I'm almost broke. I can't afford that kind of money! I've got to eat you know.}
{462}{}{Tough luck.}
# 23. Tuff Luck (From 22)
{470}{}{Oh, damn it. I can barely afford $100. Could you spot me half? I promise I'll pay you back!}
{471}{}{No sorry.}
{472}{}{Come on. Pay up the full amount!}
{473}{}{Okay, fine.}
# 24. Will pay 200 (From 23, 37)
{480}{}{Damn it. You're going to ruin me! Well, okay, here. Now I'm completely broke.}
{481}{}{Oh, fine. I'll cover you.}
{482}{}{Thanks. Manage your money better next time.}
{483}{}{Thank you for your business.}
# 25. Failed Speech for Full amount (From 23, 37)
{490}{}{I told you! I can't! I'll starve if I do. Oh, come on, can't you help me out?}
{491}{}{All right. I'll cover half of it.}
{492}{}{No sorry. I don't have the cash either.}
{493}{}{I'll be back.}
# 26. PC will Cover (From 23-25, 29, 37)
{500}{}{What? Really? Wow! Thanks a lot, man! Here's a $100. I'll get the other $100 to you as soon as possible!}
{501}{}{What? Really? Wow! Thanks a lot, lady! Here's a $100. I'll get the other $100 to you as soon as possible!}
{502}{}{No problem.}
{503}{}{You better pay me back.}
# 27. Better pay PC back! (From 26)
{510}{}{Oh, don't worry. I will! You have my word and I won't forget about it this time!}
# 28. Fred asks for Loan (From 26-27)
{520}{}{Say, you know what? That hundred's really going to uh… delay things. Do you think I could borrow a little bit back?}
{521}{}{How much?}
{522}{}{No way.}
# 29. Wait I know… (From 25)
{530}{}{Wait! I know. Tell you what, I'll give you $100 and you spot me for the other $100 I owe Becky. I'll pay you back real soon.}
{531}{}{Okay fine.}
{532}{}{No deal.}
# 30. Amount of Loan (From 28)
{540}{}{Just $50. Please! It's all part of the master plan!}
{541}{}{All right.}
{542}{}{But that'll only leave me with $50 to pay your $200 loan.}
# 31. PC gave Loan (From 30)
{550}{}{Wha- uh' Damn! You won't regret this! I'm good for it!}
{551}{}{No problem.}
# 32. Clarification of amount of loan (From 30)
{560}{}{Uh, yeah. I see your math skills- I mean, please! It's not much to you I'm sure, but it's a hell of a lot for me.}
# 33. Becky sent PC (From 18)
{570}{}{Yeah, sure she did. Everyone knows she hates that name. You're not fooling me!}
{571}{}{I don't owe her anything.}
{572}{}{She said you were forgetful.}
{573}{}{Look, I don't have time for this. Pay up damn it!}
{574}{}{Rebecca said she lent it to you a while ago.}
# 34. Forgetful (From 33)
{580}{}{I am not! I… wait. There was that one time. Didn't I pay her back? I thought I did…}
{581}{}{No, you didn't. That's why she sent me.}
{582}{}{Just pay up so I can get out of here.}
# 35. Don't quite remember (From 33)
{590}{}{I don't remember… but Becky sure has helped me and my friends out in the past.}
{591}{}{Hand over the $200.}
{592}{}{Just give me the money.}
# 36. Get out of here (From 33)
{600}{}{Leave me alone.}
# 37. Remembers (From Where to go)
{610}{}{Uh. Hi again. So, uh, I suppose you want the money. Do you think you could cover me for half?}
{611}{}{No, sorry.}
{612}{}{If she lent you $200, you'll pay it.}
{613}{}{Okay fine.}