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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Derek, inhabitant of the Den.


# 0. Look
{100}{}{You see a citizen of the Den.}
{101}{}{You see Derek.}
{150}{}{He looks quite agile.}
# 1. Night (From Where to go)
{200}{}{Beat it.}
{201}{}{I'm too tired to talk.}
{202}{}{Get out of my place.}
{203}{}{Get your own place to sleep.}
{204}{}{Stop bothering me.}
{205}{}{I'm bushed.}
{207}{}{Hey, what are you doing here?}
# 2. Floats before Quest 2 (From Where to go)
{220}{}{Stay away from Metzger, tribal.}
{221}{}{Why is it always so damn hot?}
{222}{}{Why do we live in the desert?}
{223}{}{I'm a good cook.}
{224}{}{I'm going to open my own restaurant someday.}
{225}{}{I wish I had a real kitchen.}
{226}{}{Why am I always getting the short end of life?}
{227}{}{People are always screwing me.}
{228}{}{Fred's a dreamer - master plan, my ass.}
# 3. Floats after Job 2, and having talk to him (From Where to go)
{240}{}{Shhhh! They're everywhere.}
{241}{}{Make them stop!}
{242}{}{So you found that damn book?}
{243}{}{I don't know why Becky won't hire me.}
{244}{}{I will not go insane!}
{245}{}{I got my quarters!}
{246}{}{They come out at night, mostly.}
{247}{}{I like potatoes!}
{248}{}{Don't walk on the green stuff without boots!}
{249}{}{Just turn it inside out.}
{250}{}{Oh, my head hurts really bad now.}
{251}{}{I'm a grandmaster cook!}
{252}{}{I would never poison a newbie's food.}
# 4. 1st Time, On Job (From Where to go)
{260}{}{Hey you looking for some freshly baked bread?}
{262}{}{I'm looking for Becky's book.}
{263}{}{No, bye.}
# 5. Next Times (From Where to go)
{270}{}{Oh, hi again.}
{271}{}{So where's Becky's book?}
{272}{}{Hey, how about some of that bread?}
# 6. Bread (From 4)
{280}{}{Ha! So am I. Have I told you what a great cook I am? Becky wont… hire me for some reason. She says I'm unstable.}
{281}{}{She's probably right.}
{282}{}{I'm looking for Becky's book.}
{283}{}{That's great. I've uh… got to go.}
# 7. She's right (From 6)
{290}{}{What? You! Screw you buddy! I'm not… Ow! Fuck.}
{291}{}{What? You! Screw you lady! I'm not… Ow! Fuck.}
{293}{}{Nuf Said.}
# 8. Looking for Book (From 4-6)
{300}{}{Oh yeah. I didn't like it. Too much kissing. I threw it in the corner of that building... no that building... no... was it a building? Maybe I dropped it somewhere else... or did I throw it? Ow! My head!}
{301}{}{Book? Oh, that book. Who sent you? I'm not sure if that's the proper side. Don't forget the tissue.}
{302}{}{I can't! They're… oh crap… Do you have the cheese? Hide!}
{303}{}{Hey! Not my problem. What was I supposed to do? Fight them? Little green men, big pointy teeth! Fuck! Ouch! Stop that!}
{304}{}{My head hurts! What... who said that?}
{305}{}{That helps a lot.}
# 9. More bread (From 5)
{310}{}{What? Are you mocking me! Screw you! I'm not unstable! I can cook! I don't have voices in my head!}
{311}{}{I'm gonna- shit! Fuck! Damn it! Stop that. Be quiet! What?... Okay.}
{312}{}{Hey! Sto- do... fuck.}
# 10. Dumb Floats (From Where to go)
{320}{}{Hey! Get away from me!}
{321}{}{Don't touch me!}