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Daughters of Hecate

You dare ask for money to carry out Hecate's will? We should kill you for such an insult.Drake

The Daughters of Hecate was a faction planned for Van Buren.


The Daughters of Hecate are slavers who control the Hounds of Hecate. Led by Hecate, the masked Daughters of Hecate collect tribute from almost all other tribes in the regions they control. Failure to obey the mandates of Hecate often results in crop failure, poor hunting, disease, and barren wombs.

Their animosity to Caesar's Legion is in part because the Legion rose to power during the time of the Twisted Hair; a tribe that regularly raided other tribes for supplies and slaves. When the Legion taught the other tribes to fight back the Twisted Hairs were forced to flee. The Legion then set upon the Twisted Hair tribe, almost utterly destroying it apart from one woman, who managed to escape; in time, she became the Goddess Hecate, leader of the Daughters of Hecate.

The Hounds of Hecate are a tribe of males who serve the all-female Daughters of Hecate. The Vipers are feared warriors, mostly feared for their uncommonly excellent health and large numbers. The Vipers often travel with Daughters of Hecate, protecting them from outsiders or foolish tribes who choose to stand up to Hecate.

The Iron Rivers resist the Daughters of Hecate and have remained largely immune to the plagues that haunt other tribes who go against Hecate’s wishes. However, the Vipers never pass up an opportunity to butcher any Iron Rivers they discover.


The Daughters of Hecate was a faction planned for Van Buren.

Behind the scenes

Chris Avellone designed the Daughters of Hecate.[1]


  1. Question: "I remember hearing something about the Van Buren project having an all female sisters of Athena faction or something like that to counter the Legion. What happened to them?"
    Joshua Sawyer: "Chris Avellone designed a faction called the Daughters of Hecate. "
    Joshua Sawyer's formspring (Archive)