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Dane Olds is a developer who worked at Bethesda Softworks on the Fallout Series as a 3D artist. He worked on Fallout 3, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


On Fallout 3 and its add-ons, Dane is credited under "Character Art & Animation." He was primarily responsible for modeling and texturing weapons, while occasionally creating outfits for characters.[Dev 1] He also designed the Bottlecap Mine.[Dev 2]

On Fallout 4 and its add-ons, he is credited under "Character Art." During development, Todd Howard approached Dane with the idea of a weapon mods system.[Dev 3] Dane was responsible for "figuring out how to make that system work," starting with the Pipe Gun weapon set.[Dev 3] According to Lucas Hardi, Dane created most of the weapons in Fallout 4 alongside Ben Carnow.[Dev 4] The unused Assault Rifle mesh also lists him as the author, under "dolds."


I am a character and prop artist working at Bethesda Game Studios. I do a variety of character art work but I specialize in hard surface modeling and weapons. My most recent work was on Fallout 4 and its downloadable content including Automatron, Far Harbor, and Nuka World. I started my career as a game developer working on the Shivering Isles expansion for the award winning game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I then moved on to work on the critically acclaimed Fallout 3 as a character artist. I continued building my experience working on all of the Downloadable content for that title, including Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta. I then moved on to working on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim where I made a variety of assets including all of the Dwarven creatures, armor, and weapons. I also worked on the follow up DLC Dawnguard.Dane Olds on LinkedIn

Employment history

2006PresentBethesda SoftworksSenior Character Artist


Fallout series

2008Fallout 3Character Art & Animation
2015Fallout 4Character Art
2018Fallout 76Character Art

Other work

2007The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering IslesCharacter Artist
2011The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimCharacter Artist


Developer Statements
  1. Question: "What’s your job at Bethesda?"
    Dane Olds: "I’m a character artist here at Bethesda. I mainly do modeling and texturing for the weapons in Fallout 3. I also do outfits for characters on occasion."
    (Dane Olds/Inside the Vault)
  2. Question: "Hi Dane why do all the guns look like lunchboxes ty for ur time"
    Dane Olds: "Because after you design the Fallout 3 bottle cap mine it's all downhill from there."
    (Dane Olds' Twitter (June 29, 2023)
  3. 3.0 3.1 Dane Olds: "I really feel like I came to be the developer I am today though working on Fallout 4. On that title Todd (Howard) came to me one day and told me he had this crazy idea to make all our weapons moddable and that he wanted it to change the way they looked and played. So, I started in on the pipe weapon set and the rest is history. It was a lot of fun figuring out how to make that system work and I learned a ton working on that game."
    (Meet Dane Olds, Lead Weapons Artist on Starfield at Bethesda Game Studios)
  4. Question: "Is there a specific weapon artist, or does the character artist handle all the weapons?"
    Lucas Hardi: "So, uh, Dane Olds did most of the weapons in Fallout 4. Ben Carnow did some more, and then other people picked up a weapon hear and there, but Dane does a lot of weapons - Dane is a weapon enthusiast. He did a lot of weapons in Skyrim too."
    Dennis Mejillones: "Yeah, he knows his stuff and is really into it. He's really into knowing how to use them, so he's not a guy to mess with, but he really focuses in and takes that and just, goes with it as far as he can."
    (Fallout 4 - Bethesda Game Studios Artists & Pixologic Staff (27:02))