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Hsst! What trickery is thisss? No! It cannot be! You foolsss! She cannot be trusssted! You have doomed usss all!

Emperor Daarr was the leader of the Beastlords in 2197, whose seat was in the cave labyrinth of Mardin.


Daarr was the oldest and strongest surviving member of the original mutated strain of humans. He had the greatest influence on the ability of his fellow Beastlords to control their creatures. However, the greatest of his achievements was an ability to control deathclaws, using the captured deathclaw matriarch.

Daarr was a large, sweaty man in his early forties. He spoke with a hissing lisp that seemed to follow those of his clan. He was mentally ill.

Daarr gibbered to himself, talked to imaginary advisers, and left tooth-marks on the furniture. His tactics seem to be 'divinely' inspired, with an equal chance to hit or miss. He was killed when the Warrior came for him in Mardin.

Interactions overview

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Dynamite spear x3
Beast claws


Daarr appears to be wearing some sort of clothing made up of hairy deathclaw fur, human skulls and metal pauldrons. He wears a deathclaw skull as a helmet. All of this is part of the character model rather than being an actual piece of clothing.


  • "Hsss! Ssso, the Brotherhood of Sssteel comesss to destroy usss. We are the animal ssspiritsss of thisss land. You will feed my petsss, yesss? Kill them my beasssstsssss. Kill them, so I can bathe in their blood. This is how I ssssteal your power. Ssssteal your thoughtsssss."
  • "Hsst! What trickery is thisss? No! It cannot be! You foolsss! She cannot be trusssted! You have doomed usss all!"
  • "Thisss ssshould be fun, yesss?"
  • "Pleassse ssstop! I'm ssso sssorry!"
  • " We will feassst tonight."
  • "We are all dead."
  • "Iss thisss the bessst you can do?"
  • "Ssshe will kill usss all!"
  • "Ssssuffer!"
  • " We are lossst!"
  • "I'll ssswallow your sssouls!"
  • "Ssstop, I sssurender!"


Daarr appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Behind the scenes

  • "Dar" is the name of the Beastmaster, the heroic barbarian who can control and talk with animals from the movie and TV series BeastMaster. If you free the deathclaw matriarch she will say "Dar" instead of "Daarr."
  • Daarr is marked as a BoS recruit master and quartermaster using the Fallout Tactics Tools.