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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Dr. Wu's, bad-tempered doctor at the Cathedral.


{102}{}{Shithead! You get hurt again, you stupid bastard!}
{103}{}{Shithead! You get hurt again, you stupid bitch!}
{105}{}{? Asshole! Don't you listen to the messages of peace!}
{106}{}{Hey, I was just trying to help the cause!}
{107}{}{I want to ask a few questions.}
{108}{}{Just fix me up, okay, doc?}
{109}{}{Your bedside manner sucks.}
{110}{}{Doc, I need a drink, bad! Got any rubbing alcohol?}
{111}{}{You keep it up, and you'll need a doctor.}
{112}{}{Ow! Oooo! Hnnh!}
{113}{}{What do you want?! Will you assholes never learn? I'm tired of using my talents on losers. Shoot straight next time! Don't let them shoot you.}
{114}{}{I was outnumbered!}
{115}{}{What are you, a doctor of assholes?}
{116}{}{Maybe I'll use you for target practice.}
{117}{}{Incompetent son of a bitch! You need healing AGAIN! I hope they kill you next time!}
{118}{}{Thanks for the moral support, doc.}
{119}{}{I hope they get you, too . . .}
{120}{}{If they do, you'll go down first.}
{121}{}{What is your problem, asshole? Maybe I put you to sleep, shithead!}
{122}{}{Do you put a lot of people to sleep, doc?}
{123}{}{You'd better not try it.}
{124}{}{I snooze, you lose, asshole!}
{125}{}{The Cause is not helped by morons! Why are you bothering me? I'm a very busy doctor, asshole! You need me or not?}
{126}{}{What's keeping you busy?}
{127}{}{Sure, doc.}
{128}{}{Not right now.}
{129}{}{What's your diagnosis, doc?}
{130}{}{I am not a library! You go outside for answers! Get out now!}
{131}{}{Fine! It's always patch you up! Fix you up! Asshole!}
{132}{}{I hear they say very bad things about you . . .}
{133}{}{The enemies of the Master will stop at nothing to discredit the Faithful.}
{134}{}{You swore an oath, doctor. Do your job.}
{135}{}{Forget it. I can't trust you.}
{136}{}{Heal me or die, doctor!}
{137}{}{This should do it . . .}
{139}{}{Ha ha ha!}
{140}{}{You screamed like a woman! Ha ha ha!}
{141}{}{Bitch shouldn't play in a man's world! Ha ha ha!}
{142}{}{Go to hell! You wanna get fixed or you just wanna be an asshole?}
{143}{}{You loser! Why don't you just crawl out into the Glow and lick puddles? Stupid drunken craving asshole!}
{144}{}{And maybe you need a doctor one day and the doctor won't be there.
Psycho asshole! You wanna get fixed? Maybe I do something about shit in your brains, too!}
{145}{}{Fine -- do it and shut up!}
{146}{}{Go to Hell.}
{147}{}{Shut up and gimme a diagnosis.}
{148}{}{You stupid jackass! You're too stupid to feel pain. You remind me of a lower lifeform!}
{149}{}{I hear you as crazy as you are stupid!}
{150}{}{Ha ha! You really are stupid! I just gave you a lethal poison! Ha ha ha!}
{151}{}{This will hurt a lot!}
{153}{}{You screamed like a castrated pig! Ha ha ha!}
{154}{}{You are an idiot! Quality, not quantity! You think the Nightkin care when they're outnumbered? Go cry to your mother, you little baby! Now, do you want to get better or not?}
{155}{}{Be quiet or I'll take out your vocal cords! Debark you like dog! Ha ha ha! Now you wanna get well or not?}
{156}{}{I'm a doctor, not a cheerleader! You need healing or not?}
{157}{}{I'm shaking, asshole! Now, you wanna get well or not?}
{158}{}{Do it. Just don't screw with me!}
{159}{}{Damn straight I do. There's gotta be a real doctor around this place.}
{160}{}{Just take a look and see what's busted first.}
{161}{}{Nightkin prefer to do that. I give them chems sometimes. Nobody pays attention to Doctor Wu. They're all assholes! Now, you wanna get fixed up?}
{162}{}{Patch it, doc!}
{163}{}{If the Nightkin don't trust you, neither do I. I'm outta here.}
{164}{}{Idiot! Cathedral very busy! Unity keeps Doctor Wu very busy! Now, you wanna get fixed up?}
{165}{}{Now comes the fun part!}
{166}{}{This should do it . . .}
{167}{}{What a dork! I've heard more many screams from children! Ha ha ha!}
{168}{}{I made the bitch scream! Ha ha ha!}
{169}{}{Asshole! Shithead! I'm very busy, and you have to bother me! Screw you! Get out of here, you puke! Now!}
{170}{}{You are healthy as a brahmin, but not as bright! Get out of here, you hypochondriac asshole!}
{171}{}{You have taken some wounds. I can fix that, dickhead, if you stay very still!}
{172}{}{You treat your body like shit. You must be a real idiot. I could put you out of your misery, or I could fix you up.}
{173}{}{Not right now.}
{174}{}{Fine. But I hope I perform an autopsy on you by the end of the day!}
{175}{}{Ow! You little . . .}
{176}{}{Now get out of here, and don't come back!}
{177}{}{Fine, I heal you!}
{178}{}{That should fix you real good!}
{179}{}{Then leave, asshole! I'll be laughing at your corpse real soon.}
{180}{}{You little asshole! Who do you think you are to bother Dr. Wu? Stupid shithead!}
{181}{}{You have taken some wounds. I can fix that, dickhead, if you stay very still!}
{182}{}{Five broken bones at least, and you've lost lots of blood. Being an idiot is hazardous to your health! You want to get fixed?}
{183}{}{Depends on the definition of "fix." You can treat me, doc.}
{184}{}{Me go.}