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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor the Fallout 4 location, see Corvega assembly plant.

The Corvega Factory is a location southwest of Vault 108 in the Capital Wasteland.


Before the Great War, this Corvega facility manufactured vehicles used throughout the United States. It is now home to a colony of Giant Ants.


One of the two giant car conglomerates back before the bombs fell, the Corvega Factory still has a faded grandeur to it, although the place is now overrun with Giant Ants. Before you start your bug hunt, check the exterior surroundings and the irradiated container to the south, which has a Skill Book.Tour of the Capital Wasteland


The factory is inhabited by Giant Ants and contains the bodies of various mercenaries and Raiders who failed to reach the colony's queen. A small number of Feral Ghouls may also be found in the factory. At the southern end of the factory is a giant ant queen, who can be killed for her Pheromones. The Ants and Egg Clutches in the factory contain a large amount of ant meat.



  • Lying, Congressional Style on the reception desk.
  • Big Book of Science in an office up the stairs and to the left when the building is entered. It is located northeast on the map of the Corvega Factory - entrance portion.
  • Dean's Electronics east of the Ant Queen, up the stairway in the foreman's office. It can be found under the bodies of either a mercenary or a Wastelander on the desk next to them. To find the office, go through the main entrance and head to the southern end of the map. Go through the door to the factory floor. The office is in the eastern corner along the southernmost wall.


  • Big Book of Science in a rusty dumpster at the rear of the factory next to a truck. It is necessary to jump down into it from the nearby cliff. Alternatively, hug the cliff edges and get down one rock at a time. It is possible to get stuck behind the barrels and have to fast travel to escape.
  • U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes in an overturned red and white semi-truck to the south of the factory under the monorail girders.
  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual in the same truck, inside a Very Hard locked personal footlocker. The key to it is located about seven steps north from the front of the truck, under an overturned box by a rock and a skeleton.
  • A Mini Nuke in the same truck.
  • A Grognak the Barbarian skill book in the Sealed Cistern Yankee Bravo north-northwest of the factory. The entrance can be located by heading due north out of the factory to the large rock formation, then following the edge of the rocks to the west.


  • South of the factory, on the road near the Red Rocket station, is a Talon Company patrol consisting of a merc accompanied by a robot. This occurs on the road that runs east-west and is not a random encounter.
  • Just inside the factory, is a third Talon Company Merc, sprawled dead on the balcony above the main entrance.
  • There is a "Type B" random encounter that occurs by following the road south past the overturned truck under the rail line.
  • The overturned truck also contains a separate scripted event where a pair of raiders ambushes anyone who tries to retrieve the contents of the overturned truck.
  • This is one of the three locations in Fallout 3 where a Giant Ant Queen can be found.
  • There is a skeleton found just a few feet in front of the truck. It is reaching for a wooden box. Underneath the box can be found an empty whiskey bottle along with the driver's key. This key will unlock the contents of the truck.


The Corvega Factory appears only in Fallout 3.