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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor the game world of Fallout 4, see The Commonwealth.

A list of commonwealths mentioned in the Fallout Series.


Behind the scenes



  1. Lone Wanderer: "Virginia? Virginia's been gone for 200 years."
    Jack Smith: "Not here. Not in Andale, no sir/ma'am. The great Commonwealth of Virginia is alive and well. In fact, we just voted ourselves a new governor!"
    (Jack Smith's dialogue)
  2. Fallout 4 loading screens: "Originally 'The Commonwealth of Massachusetts,' the state became known only as the 'The Commonwealth' after the Great War of 2077."
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonwealth_(U.S._state)
  4. Boston placards: "The 'new' state house was completed in 1798 to house the government of the state of Massachusetts. The land selected was originally John Hancock’s cow pastures. The first dome was constructed of wooden shingles and covered in copper smelted by Paul Revere. The state government used this building continuously until the formation of the Thirteen Commonwealths in 1969."
  5. AMS Corporate Headquarters Terminal Entries; security terminal, 10-24-76: Re: Hey Stranger!: "Riley, I had no idea that you were still in the commonwealth, let alone in Watoga!"
  1. Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook p. 276: "Once a horse track in the New England Commonwealth, the Easy City Downs are now a raider den. Under the watch of those who occupy a set of ruined bleachers, various robots including Assaultrons, Eyebots, Mister Handys, and Mister Gutsys race for the entertainment of the local raiders as well as associated Triggermen."
Design Documents
  1. Van Buren tech demo: "You see Corporal Armstrong of the Great Midwest Commonwealth 13th Armored Infantry Division."
    (Armstrong dialogue file)
  2. Armstrong: "Corporal Armstrong of the 4th Armored Infantry Division, Great Midwest Commonwealth. I'll help you reach your vault, citizen."
    (Armstrong dialogue file)
Developer Statements
  1. Fallout Bible 8: "Chris Avellone: Why does the Fallout flag have 13 stars?
    Tim Cain: Leon [Leonard Boyarsky] said he used that flag because it looked cool and he didn't want to use a standard American flag with 50 stars. Eventually he planned to make up something about 13 super-states or something, but he never did."