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Collect money from Fred

But that'll only leave me with $50 to pay your $200 loan.
Uh yeah. I see your math skills- I mean, please!
— The Chosen One and Fred

Collect money from Fred is a quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Collect money from Fred
Speak to Rebecca.
Go to Fred and speak with him.
Take his money.
Lend him some money.
Return to Rebecca.
Reward: $100
Next quest: Get book from Derek
Speak to Fred after a while if you lended him money.
Remind Fred about his debt and get $500.
$2000, plasma grenade, microfusion cell x250, small energy cell x200 (Fred loaned)
or $1000 (Fred covered)
or +3 Karma

Detailed walkthrough

Talk to Rebecca at her casino in the Den and ask for work. She tells you that Fred owes her an old debt to the amount of $200. He can be found on the west side of the Den, either in the casino or near Flick's. He looks like a junkie so you'll have to search until you find the right person. The one way to differentiate between him and the junkies is through use of the message box. It calls him a citizen of the Den, rather than the generic message for junkies. Once you do find him, Fred can be shook down in a variety of ways:

  • Ask for all the money
  • Ask for the money, but allow him to keep a little
  • Tell him you'll pay his debt yourself

Whatever option you choose, head back to Rebecca and give her the cash. She'll split it with you as your reward.

If you allow Fred to keep some of the cash, come back and see him 3–6 months later. He'll have struck it rich at the casino, and will give you items for helping him: $2000, a plasma grenade, 200 small energy cells and 250 microfusion cells (if you paid his debt) or $1000 (if you allowed him to keep some money). If you turn down his offer, you'll get a measly +3 Karma. If you ask him harshly about his debt right after the start of the conversation, you'll get an extra $500.