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Claire Redelle was an actress before the Great War.


Redelle grew up listening to Shannon Rivers playing the Mistress of Mystery on the Silver Shroud radio play.[2] She eventually starred in the widely successful film The Tomb of Amun-Ra, and was subsequently hired by Hubris Comics television producer Aaron Babowski to play the Mistress of Mistery in the upcoming The Silver Shroud television series,[1] which ultimately led to Rivers quitting the project.[3] Shortly before Redelle was scheduled for a film shooting in Boston in late October 2077,[4] she gave an interview to Leonard Rock for the radio program Behind the Silver Screen.[2]


  • She was taught by a martial arts instructor, which was hired by her agent.[2]
  • She was supposed to wear a brunette wig for her role of the Mistress of Mistery.[4]


Claire Redelle is mentioned in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


Fallout 76 — Shoot for the Stars Radio Play — Chapter 5